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_lovemaci_ Audio Sex Stories 14

You're being awfully squirmy in that chair, I'm worried I'm going to cut you by accident. What ever is going on with you? Is this all just because I keep flashing you my tits? Is that what's making this cape rise like that? With everyone else already gone, maybe I can lock the door and try fulfilling your long-standing fantasy.
Hi guys welcome to my first audio! I had the day off and really needed to destress so I decided to lay in bed and have woke me time. Hope you all enjoy!
I got pretty bored and horny while at work so I gotta take care of it before anyone comes in.
Hey guys! Lately I’ve really liked the idea of pegging someone and letting them ride me and feel good for me. So it kind of got me in the mood to do it to myself. I’ve only done it maybe a few times before but this was definitely the best experience so far so I’m glad I recorded. I hope you guys enjoy! Love, Maci
I've had a long day at work and I've been so pent up, I just needed to come home and play for you guys.
Hey lovelies! Sorry I've been gone for a little bit. Hopefully this will make up for it. I hope the sound is better. I'm working on getting a better setup.
My second verification cause I don’t think I did it right the first time lol. I hope to have fun creating and collating with people in this community!
Just some singing content from a while ago since I haven’t been able to do any spicy stuff lately :)