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Accursed_creature Audio Sex Stories 15

for tags & thorough timestamps: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fdm3egCxRT3Gdr_kl304PNNkxdtP7fEdwDbbKX16S1E/edit?usp=sharing this audio is a work of fiction performed by one individual, who was not only unharmed in its production but enjoyed himself immensely.
your boyfriend has been under lock and key—perhaps in more ways than one—but now that he's by your side again, the house really feels like home. and you may have some surprises for him... you have, after all, dutifully stuck to your depth training regimen.
a not-so-little hands-free orgasm while cleaning out to get fucked :)
tfw you're so dazed & horny you don't even notice the legit hentai goosh your throat can do until you're editing later
this rough audio was an experiment with the interview function of my phone's voice recorder. snack (22) is my pet boy that i'm currently training, for whom we haven't yet set up an account/voice verified for gwag. if you see this audio, consider it a sneaky bonus to whatever else you came here to hear ;)