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The Blend - The Bartender turns to to CW: , *Writer’s Notes* If you happen to self-stimulate when you listen to audios, I have a humble recommendation to try for a portion of this audio. Get on your bed, on your back, and hang your head back over the edge of the bed, so your head is upside down. You could stack some pillows to elevate your body a bit as well, if you want to get fancy. It isn't as intense as actual full body inverted suspension, but it has a similar effect, and there's less chance of it getting to be too much. The goal is to send a little blood pressure to your head, which can make orgasm...different, for some people (but not all). If you get too dizzy or feel a significant amount of pressure, obviously, stop. If you're following along, you'll know when ;).
Regarding, *The Blend* This is an open-source thing I am calling, "The Blend," that I would like to invite any of you nice folks to join me in creating. I call this open source because I want to try an experiment in which the GWA community can create its own little, "mythos," like the Cthulhu mythos (without Lovecraft's rampant racism) or the SCP foundation (without everything turning horrible all the time). I figured this was a simple venue for all my fellow Monsterfuckers out there to play with some magical realism, and do it in a shared universe (which I am a total sucker for). Whether that, or magic in a contemporary setting, or any other fantastic element brought to the real is your thing, you should be able to insert a story that will help define the environment. It is a high but simple concept made to be fairly easy to slide a story into - for...reasons, our world and a classical fantasy world have randomly swapped portions of their living creatures. Knowledge of magic has crossed over along with elves, dwarfs, orcs, and whatever else you can think of, and somewhere on the other side, you can assume people have brought a higher understanding of technology. It has been several years since the blend, and people have settled back into the swing of things on both sides of, "the veil," and have pretty much made peace with the fact that there doesn't appear to be any way back. This means that there are relatively small communities of classic fantasy species living in the modern day, trying to make their way in the larger human society. Go for a hike in the wrong place, and instead of a cougar or a bear, you might be unlucky enough to run into a chimera. Magical colleges have started popping up the world over, but they are hard to get into and secretive with their trade skills. “Arcanist,” is now a title, like Dr. or Rev., and some stuffy wizard will very eagerly correct you if you dare call them, “Mr. Gandalf (or whoever).” The elves and gnomes (to a lesser extent) have utilized knowledge of magic to create lucrative corporations, and elven investment is now a powerful force in both the private and public sectors. Dwarfs have taken up more physical roles as industrial workers, skilled technical tradesmen, and builders of durable appliances and machines that put cheap mass produced human crap to shame - just ask them. Centaurs aren't thought of poorly, but the world isn't exactly made for them. Orcs, goblins, minotaurs, and other less, "noble," species have had a harder time integrating, and have fallen into places on the fringe of society, though the disciplined, martial pre-blend culture of the hobgoblins has found them an accepting niche in military service. Orcs have found places as blue-collar workers at best, and professional goons at worst. There is a thriving goblin-operated organized crime syndicate in most cities, which has sort of become the underworld equivalent to the corporate but often equally ruthless power of the elves. All of these are just the molds society has forced these species into - it's not like every, or even most goblins are part of the, "gob-mob," for example, but it is the lens through which society views them. I am not so arrogant as to think that everybody (or anybody even) is obligated to play along. If any of the above ideas don't appeal to you and (assuming people haven't already made scripts/audios that contradict your ideas), replace them. I am trying to have as little ego as possible involved in this little thought experiment. Just add, as a tag to your script or fill if you think it syncs with the world.
*Writer's Notes* This one is a really slow burn, with a LOT of setup. The sexy bits don't actually even start until about 27:02, so you've been warned. Following reading people’s answers to a question I posed on GWABackstage concerning orgasms in audios, I ultimately made two versions - one where the PoV character orgasms, and one where they do not. Why commit when you can have it both ways?
As I just passed 100 followers last night, I figured I'd celebrate by actually doing what I said I was setting out to do, and fill somebody else's script, since I know how excited I get when somebody fills one of mine. I read this script by u/StrawberrieMars, and and knew immediately that this was the one. After all, who hasn't wanted to see the princess and the dragon live happily ever after (or VERY happily for a little while)? Plus, you know - Dragon.
*Writer's Notes* This was a private request. As a warning, It's darker than I usually go. Please be mindful of the CWs. This is a particularly dark corner of the blend, which is an open world I would encourage you to contribute to. This is the knotting and breeding version. I made one without as well, if that's a bridge too far.
But this is my House! a bit maybe a few to many so CW: Synopsis: You bust into an orc's home to challenge him, secretly hoping that when he beats you, he'll have his way with you, but the nice orc gentleman that lives there isn't having it. He doesn't want you to go off and do anything dangerous though, so… RE CW: . This audio features consensual non-consent, performed both with the expressed understanding of both partners and...not especially well. Nevertheless, per GWA's guidelines, this does qualify.
Synopsis: To quote the amazing author of so much good stuff, u/flyleaffriction, "Today we have another blend script, following a pair of archeologists taking part in the "Displacement Project" which focuses on reuniting treasures with their respective owners. Our dear Bara Croft, Brar, is celebrating another job well done when he and the listener discover the room they're in has some... Interesting insights into this culture. Maybe they could start a few rituals of their own..."
The Door-Dragon a bit of Some of the subject matter of this one is very near and dear to my heart. Shout out to my peeps with disordered sensory processing. Synopsis: the listener has gone to GWA's massive party, finds herself overwhelmed by the noise and crowding and sensory input coming from all directions, and realizes too late that she forgot her headphones. Enter the growly half-dragon bouncer that snarled at her at the door, on break and wondering why she's alone.
This version of this audio includes a little butt stuff. I know that isn't everybody's thing by a long shot, but somehow I went out on a limb and figured that the people for whom it is a thing, and the people who want to be awash in a tidal wave of hungry, gripping slime pressing over every inch their body might have some overlap. If that isn't your thing, go to the other link, where that aspect is omitted.
After getting caught up in mob violence, the listener has been visited regularly in the hospital by Stark, a goblin mobster who keeps showing up to keep her company. Now, with the listener ready to check out, He is back for one last visit.