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Alexavo Audio Sex Stories 17

Time to turn off the XBox and play with me instead . . .
I'm back and I'm in your bed the morning after a long, fun night. ;) Still wrecked from it, you wore me out. But spooning is one of my favorite positions . . . if you win me over first thing in the morning you can probably get me to beg. Let's see who's really in charge today.
I'm trying to be a good girl and be ready on time . . . but you know you can't hurry perfection. And thank you, I'm glad you think I look gorgeous but if you make a mess of me we're definitely going to be late . . . PS it's totally cute that you brag to your friends about how good I am in bed. Just, y'know. Don't get TOO specific. ;)
Making sure you have pleasant associations with doing chores on the weekend, my sweet little pavlovian pup. ;)
We dated in college and never lost the sexual chemistry, so I'm glad we always grab a drink when I'm in town for work. Tonight, though - no chill. Forget the drinks and meet me in the bathroom.
Yeah no, I love when you cancel date night at the last minute for work shit. But no worries, I'll go out on my own. Nip this tantrum in the bud or I'm fucking someone else tonight.
A week away on business means we have a *lot* of lost time to make up for.
Our friends throw wild parties . . . but they're not as fun without my two best flirting buddies. If they're taking a break on the back porch, I'm gonna end up there . . . and they're gonna end up in me.
Look who woke up with a lil present for me on allowance day . . . Daddy always gets me the best toys.
That's one way to punish me for passing out from too much wine on date night . . .
I've been taking private cooking lessons from you for several weeks now. Knife skills are tricky, but so is being near you without flirting . . . I just can't help it. This has been building for weeks and I'm tired of ignoring it.
Leaving you a little present in your inbox, baby . . . what time is it there? I bet you're sleeping. But when you wake up, I want to be on your mind all day. Here's hoping this'll do it. ;)