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Alyssblyss Audio Sex Stories 47

Two heads taller than you, with enough strength to CRUSH MANS SKULL BETWEEN THIGHS LIKE SPARROW EGG. Tbh, channeled myself here hard xD Im a very tall woman (6'2) with big hands (great for MANY things) Im also pretty darn shy and awkward, but hey, I do well enough, and people seem to THINK I'm charismatic! xD Anyway, I hope you enjoy this, I love you guys, gals, and non binary pals!
So I wanted to take the size difference thing to the extreme. So I did. Vore isn't really my thing but I wanted to play around with it. I hope yall like it. Also I'm VERY proud of the title. I love me. It was hard to do it in a voice this deep, throat is sore, and I'm already insecure enough about my deep voice xD I hope yall love this, I had fun making it <3