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Antiquava Audio Sex Stories 46

SUMMARY: Cuddling, spooning, rubbing your ass up against me. It's a familiar story, but really? You're going to fall asleep first? ...are you sure you're asleep? You don't mind if I take it a step further, right? Super quiet, thigh fucking, cock warming, soft fucking into a pronebone creampie and such. Mostly sex. thanks, and enjoy. If you'd like to tip me, I do have a tip jar at ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/antiquava Always appreciated, never expected.
hey y'all. script fill of u/Audiophile_Kat 's script. Synopsis: You really thought you could escape? You *really* thought I would just let you go like that? You're wrong. And I'll show you the correct way to think about me, princess. ~~~~~~ I have a ko-fi if you'd like to tip. Never expected, always appreciated. https://ko-fi.com/antiquava
I remember you. I also remember how much I hated you... "Fuck you"? Fuck me yourself, coward. ~~~~~ I now have a ko-fi, if you're feeling generous today. It's just a tip jar, so it's never expected, but always appreciated :) https://ko-fi.com/antiquava
Summary: You show up at your hometown bar -- the one your ex practically lives in -- and surprise, there he is: playful, charming and daring as ever. script by: u/manicpixielazyfuck on r/GWAScriptGuild i've currently got a cough lol
hi. messing around with a "dramatic" character. also messing around with new ways to record wet sfx. I'm not really sure of the summary. You come home after getting ghosted at yet another date, and your roommate is a bit... upset, that things haven't been going so well. Sorry that he got heated, you ask him to make it up to you with a hug, and things go from there. Don't ask me, I was just talking. I think it has some semblance of a plot though. i'm not super active, but if you still want to support me, I do have a ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/antiquava no pressure. i'm not super active, but thank you if you decide to support, and especially thank you to those who are supporting me even in my periods of inactivity <3.
has spanking sfx, and some wet sfx too. for those uninterested in the setup: we get home at 2:10 you get a little punishment at 5:33 and you get forgiven at 7:02, in a very special way. script is by u/sloth215 on the r/GWAScriptGuild: https://www.reddit.com/r/GWAScriptGuild/comments/sd0vv4/m4fscript_offer_stop_trying_to_make_me_jealous/
We have to stay here overnight to finish up some overtime work, but hey, wait... isn't this atmosphere kind of taboo? Were you always this pretty?! a mostly improv scenario. I now have a ko-fi, if you're feeling generous today. It's just a tip jar, so it's never expected, but always appreciated :) https://ko-fi.com/antiquava
soft boyfriend comforts you after a bad dream. a very immersive script, but if you'd like to skip around: things start soft around 5:30 things get spicier around 8:10 script is by u/AudiebleAlt on r/GoneWildAudio
the first iteration of this script i will be doing. You've been kidnapped, sedated, and taken to an unknown location by a face you recognize from the news. Your hero boyfriend didn't stop you from being taken, and now you're left alone with the villain... script by u/Eveningh0ney on the reddit. if you're seeing this before my post, i love you.
I sit to pray and I find myself worshipping you. Luckily for me, desire begets desire in these halls. honestly my mic technique kinda sucks in this one so good luck.
hi short audio short sex scene was a personal request thanks, and enjoy if you'd like to tip, you can find me on ko-fi at: https://ko-fi.com/antiquava always appreciated, never expected.