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Apollova Audio Sex Stories 10

you've been... so pent up. so needy. ever since your girlfriend went away on a business trip, you haven't touched yourself at all. but today that's taken it's toll as it's just so, so hard. and while you know she's busy and you probably shouldn't call her... you still dial her up, putting on your best needy voice. and you both know exactly what time it is.
It's your birthday party, and you've invited everyone you know! It's all going great... until you see your girlfriend kissing the guy she told you not to worry about. You run to your room, only to be followed by your best friend, who spills some feelings she's been carrying for a long time...
You're a rabbitfolk who's been living on the street for a while with the shelters full due to the winter, and tonight, you were hiding behind some bushes next to this apartment building to at least get out of the wind. Despite your efforts to stay out of sight, you're noticed by one of the residents as she comes home, and she's not just going to let you stay out here.