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Audiophile_kat Audio Sex Stories 61

Synopsis: Not only has the only person in class who understands what your professor has been talking about agreed to study with you, but that person also happens to be the insanely pretty girl you’ve been crushing on all semester. It turns out, in the end, that there’s something that she’s hoping you can teach her as well… This is my first ever nsfw audio so I'm pretty (very) nervous about sharing it. I really hope that I did u/auditive-ottersnap's script justice! Thanks for listening :)
I'm just home from work and trying to relax. Unfortunately, your music is playing so loud I can hear it in my living room. I've politely asked you to be more considerate in the past, but you seem indifferent to my requests. Or maybe you're just craving a confrontation? Script fill for u/DallasExMachina (Dallas Wonderland)