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Aura_audios Audio Sex Stories 532

Additional tags: You spent a fun Valentine's Day with your hot friend. Now you two are in a house and she tells you how much she enjoyed that day. Then soon she's starting to get a little touchy and.. she begins to tease you and.. seduce you.. which makes you very nervous but.. you're also really liking it, aren't you?
I leave you a "highly encouraging" voice message to hurry home from work today cause I have to talk to you about something, but you won't find out what it is until you get home. We've both been overly busy recently, and with everything going on, we haven't really made enough time for each other. I feel very guilty about this fact, and plan to make it up to YOU...
Additional tags: Synopsis: Your girlfriend's hot sister sees you sitting by yourself. She's mind blown that your girlfriend just decided to leave you here and take a nap herself in the other room. She starts talking about how she knows your girlfriend probably doesn't satisfy you and stuff and.. eventually attempts to seduce you and convince you to let her take care of your needs...
+ Script by: u/StormScoreScripting Synopsis: You’ve always wished your best friend’s girlfriend was yours. He doesn’t know what he has. Her personality, her face, her smile. And most of all her sweet round apple bottom ass. How on earth can any guy turn down anal with a girl who has an ass like that. Well today is your lucky day. Your boy is being his usual asshole self, and the girl of your dreams comes to you with a proposal. Her pussy belongs to him, But he does not want her ass. It’s not cheating if she gives her anal virginity to you right?