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Aussieasmrtist Audio Sex Stories 106

Whispering.......Talk down to help your body and mind to relax and sleep.......You are wonderful in so many ways...Birds and subtle background ambient music Thanks for listening! Sweet Dreams! <3
Whispery ramble acknowledging your life sucks, but it's ok, you'll be ok...I offer advice to help change your perspective and give you the motivation and comfort to work towards being happy again one day. Hopefully my words felt like a good warm hug!! Goodnight & sweet dreams ^.^
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response When exposure to certain triggers, especially whispering, creates tingles from the head down the shoulders and spine and a feeling of low-grade euphoria. :)
I hope you enjoy this, i had a really great time recording it. Sorry in advance for the mic booming, i still need a shock mount! I hope this relaxes you and helps you 
destress or sleep :) Sry if my random excitement/enthusiasm for acting startles you haha…. Thanks for listening and I hope you all had an awesome weekend!!! peace<3
Sorry. Plans. Real Talk. Minor Injury. My recommendation on a basic ASMR setup. Real talk. Fooooood. Thank you. Shit gets real. I just want to help you...let's take some deep breaths and relax/sleep. :) Thank you, really, for listening <3 Peace :)
I use a different wig....this one is more "Scratchy" i dunno if that is good or bad??? The birds were in a singing mood too! I hope it helped you to relax!
I had a bit of a spare second so thought i'd share what i've been watching this year! - phoebe tonkin is the actress i was thinking - i mention murder and quarantine, if that is triggering to you don't listen :) - I also say little boys coz on screen the characters were boys, but they had intentions for all children Stay safe <3