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Baetrixortreat Audio Sex Stories 23

Oh hi there, I see you have cum back again. I hope you enjoy. Thanks u/BadDevil_ I hope you enjoy this just as much as I did. <3 Synopsis: You wake up to the touch of your girlfriend’s sweet lips. But something feels off... You open your eyes and find that your hands are bound. Wait a minute, that’s not your girlfriend! It’s your hot crazy friend who also happens to be your girlfriend’s bestie! Apparently, she’s in love with you and knows all about the cum you’ve been building up all week in anticipation of your girlfriend’s homecoming. And it turns out that she is a bit of a cum freak herself. And now that she finally has you right where she wants you, she might just treat herself with a load or two…
CONTENT WARNING: This script explicitly describes rape. Please do not click the link if this is upsetting to you in any way. DISCLAIMER: This was written by, about, and for consenting adults 18+ even if this is not explicitly stated in the script. Scenario: Obsessed with being impregnated by a man (Listener/L) she’s seen but never spoken to, Narrator (N) had no choice but to take him away from everyone else; she succeeds in drugging him and spiriting him away to a remote cabin. As the scene begins, L is just coming to, only to find that he’s chained (or tied, pick your poison) to a bed. A blindfold covers his eyes and a gag keeps him quiet.
I told you not to get used to me being sweet. I am back being bad. Miss me? Of course you did you are obsessed with me like I am with you. Amazing, Super Fun Script. Synopsis: Upon arriving home, you hear your perfectly normal, down to earth girlfriend talking very strangely to herself in her office room. Suspiciously, you open the door, but she manages to quickly divert your attention. Next thing you know, you’re on the couch together making out. But things suddenly collide as identities are exposed and secret abilities rise to the surface… Like what I did and want me to continue?
The Plot: You've been dragged to a party you didn't want to go to by friends who have all since left with a newfound sexual partner, leaving you all alone in a place where you don't know anyone. Across the dance floor you spot the most gorgeous woman you have ever laid eyes on, but your stares do not go unnoticed. She convinces you to come home with her where she reveals her true succubus form. To fully regain her powers, she needs a willing pet to submit to her hypnotic commands. Lucky for her (and for you), submitting to a powerful woman is what you love.
Script by: u/needyanow of Reddit <3 thank you for this bratty script! Summary: Your sexy classmate confronts you after noticing you staring at her tits during class again. She teases you about doing this and encourages you to do something about it, but after realising you want her to be submissive, she tells you that she doesn’t think you're the kind of guy that could make her act like that. Link to script: https://scriptbin.works/u/needyanow/f4m-your-sexy-classmate-notices-that-you-ve-been.
Ooof!! Well Hello there! Its been a minute. A long, hard, cold, minute huh? Aww poor thing, here enjoy this. I couldn't help it, I just LOVE having things in my mouth ya know XD More tags: Dirty talk] Synopsis: While you were away, your girlfriend snuck a look at your search history and discovered that you have a massive mouth fetish. Surprise, surprise, she has an oral fixation! Surely this must be a match made in heaven.. Excerpt: Hey babe, do you know what an oral fixation is? Why are you getting so flustered? Your face is practically red. It's just a question. And stop looking away! I'm just wondering if you know. Well, basically, it's when someone constantly needs to have something in their mouth. Putting stuff in their mouth, licking it, sucking on it, even sticking it down their throat, these sorts of things stimulate their mouth and it makes them feel really good. Even better than they can make themselves feel in.. other ways.
Premise The Listener Enters the Tomb of the great queen of Egypt. However, Before he can enter and claim any treasures left inside, He is met with the great guardian of the Tomb, The Sphinx! Who beckons him to answer her Riddles...And Her Riddles are a little bit more...Naughty, than usual.
What does it mean to be a simp in today's world? The object of your affection and desire, explains it to you in very clear terms. So come on in and simp for a bit. You know you want to... All characters are over the age of 18, fiction, and the product of my own over-active, erotic imagination. Thank you u/TeasedToTears for yet another amazing script!
Ohhi! We are a little over a week into NNN, I do hope you have managed to make it this far.... I did mention it was.... Non-stop. Now be a dear and KEEP UP! We have 21 more days to go!! Be sure you are staying hydrated. The listener’s usually wholesome and naïve girlfriend has discovered NNN while on the internet one day. She asks the listener if they want to try it, but there’s been little a misunderstanding or two.
Synopsis: A secret Agent (the listener) has been captured but has resisted all attempts from the enemy to get information from him. They bring in a new interrogator (the performer). She is a tall sexy spy who has rather different methods: namely to tease her prey until they are so desperately horny, they will do anything to be allowed the erotic thrills she has promised them. You are her next victim and despite your reputation for being a ladykiller, she is a maneater… and more than a match for you… How long will you be able to resist her…?
Goddess Bae tells you why she keeps you safely in chastity. A fun, short script about the meaning of chastity, denial, and submission. Exploring the depths of denial, chastity, and male submission. This is what happens... I adore TeasedToTears scripts and this one is no different, Thank you so much for this amazing script. I hope you all enjoy. <3