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Bb_jace Audio Sex Stories 81

I wanted to this audio to be consensual and actually love making, always for BFE. It's mostly about the listener getting pleasure from giving pleasure. "Me first? Wait, stop! You can’t do this! I won’t cum until you cum. It’s too much!! I’m gonna cum again?!"
I've been too scared to tell my family about our relationship. We've know each for so long that it'll be weird to tell everyone one. I need you to breed me, but we gotta keep it on the down low. Sneak into my room, cum inside.
I'm a pretty boi and love being a prince. I wanna sit on my throne, your lap. I have to write a paper but you tickle and tease me. I started grinding unintentionally, getting you riled up. I'm not a cockblock but I'm busy. The least I can do is warm up your cock. I fall into your trap and make you cum in my pretty prince pussy.
As an omega, I have heat cycles. This is the worst it has been and I need to be bred. It's the middle of the night so I beg you to breed me. I neeeeeeeeed it! Yes, I'll have your puppies. Please alpha, please breed me!
You're busy playing games and need attention. I didn't mean to cross the line, but you get mad at me for bothering and messing you up. I have to accept what a brat deserves, an efficient punishment.
We're strangers that wake up together in a hotel room. We didn't do anything last night, right? I guess we passed out before we got to do anything. Let's not waste the room without a hotel hookup.
We’re getting excited for the big game and you’ve been gaining alot of attention from the cheerleaders, especially the new male one. Daddy, your eyes should only be on me! They better know you’re mine, get back in the locker room!
I forgot to bring my dildo. I am not masturbating without some anal. I am also not going to put random crap up my ass. You're the next best thing so I'll use you as my dildo substitute.
I'm just a hole. Use me. I'm an anon boy hosting a public meetup. Anyone can cum use my body and stay for the show.
You forget to give me daily dose of kisses in the morning so I ignore your texts and calls. I get petty but I'm embarrassed to admit it. You get rough with me and I get turned but it's a punishment after all. It was all a misunderstanding.
Your omega boyfriend feels sick and doesn't realize he's in heat. You smell his slick and can't resist. The only cure is a good breeding but I'm not ready to get pregnant. I want you to claim me and I want to be yours. I found out, I'm an omega in heat.
I’m the newest cellmate but I obviously don’t belong here. I’m a twink with a hungry boy pussy. I can take a pounding and I’ll take any of y’all. Go ahead and pass around the prison pussy.
I'm a small boyo who chose to enlist into the marines. I love muscles and I got some myself. I'm not as manly as you guys but I can take a pounding. Let me admire that strong and muscular body. I'll be your bunk buddie while we're in the marines.
We decided to take a nap, I woke up sooner cause I’m a light sleeper. I noticed you had a hard on. I get tempted and start playing with you. I’m not gonna bother you but I want to sneak in some cuddlefucking. You’re actually awake and destroy me for being a brat. A sneaky and squirmy slut gets punished.
I want Daddy to love me but it’s never enough. I need more, please don’t stop. Even after you cum, I’ll be begging for more.
I'm a lonely boyo wondering the forest because I lost my friends on a camping trip. I step into werewolf territory where the alpha takes action and attacks. You notice I am of no threat but there is a spark of mutual attraction. We get caught up in the moment and I am lured into submission. This is a fantasy of getting attacked by the alpha.
You're busy doing something so I have to wait. You promised we would fuck after you finished up. I'm tired of waiting and get frustrated. I'll milk it out myself. You can't forget to feed your cute catboy cumslut.
Happy Anniversary Daddy!! We decided to go out and spend the night at a hotel. After dinner we come back to hotel with flirty vibes. Your little boi has to beg then so be it. Please give me everything, Daddy. Please take care of your little femboy.
I woke up from a nap because you made me wait. Let’s spend some time together. I want you by my side. I need you, babe. Please cum cuddle me.
We finished a day of practice and I head to the locker room. I'm the only male cheerleader so I'm in the locker room alone. I notice you staring at me and call you out on it. If you want me, fuck me in the boy's locker room, jockboy.