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Best_baby_girl Audio Sex Stories 13

Baby Girl is tired of being ignored and denied. You pushed her to the edge so she's Yandere-ing out on you. Forget flipping tables, I've flipped on you. Now, your body is mine to use as I please. And there's nothing you can do about it. There's nothing you really want to do about it, though, is there, babe?
Ba dum tsh. Get it? Because a Full Load is a film magazine with a fresh reel of film and you're giving me your full loa...never mind. GWU has one of the top film schools in the world. Why is that? It's Professor BBG. She puts student satisfaction right up there with quality pornographic films. Now, it's time for your lesson...Come in. Come in. Don't be shy. We both know how desperately you want that A. This audio is part of the Gone Wild University Lab. Follow the Full Collab link on my GWA post to find a timetable of the other Professor's works.    
You're back for the holidays without your super smart girlfriend. So I'm letting myself in for a visit...and to remind you what you left behind. Fill all my holes like you used to. That's what I'm here for. I've always been your favorite mistake.
Script by Zephyr_F8 It’s your big day and you’re getting married within a few hours. Much to your surprise, your high school sweetheart shows up without an invitation. She then persuaded you to spend some time catching up with an old friend. However, you soon find out that you’re still much more than a friend to her.
Script by u/Tolea1989 Size doesn't really matter and I'm going to prove it to you. You fill all my holes. You make me cum so hard. Baby, you are more than enough!
Daddy has been telling me for weeks what a bratty little baby I've been. I'm not always bad. Sometimes I just need a few spankings and lots of begging. This one is for YOU. And by one, I mean four. That's how much I came for you. Like a Best Baby Girl should.
Oh Daddy. What's a Best Baby Girl to do? I thought you understood that you were mine. Now, you've blocked me on all social media. Desperate times call for handcuffs. And a knife. I WILL make you understand, Daddy. You belong to me and ONLY me. Now say it. Say you belong to me. Tell me I'm your Best Baby Girl.
Are you ready to play with Mistress? Of course you are, my good boy. My best fuck toy. We're going to have so much fun!
After an amazing first date, I invites you back to my place because I want some! Once you get there, however, you get cold feet, because you are afraid your skin condition makes you unattractive. You ask why I haven't mentioned the elephant in the room... I enthusiastically reassure you that you're hot as hell. To prove it to you, I'm going to sit on that sexy face!
Not gonna lie, it's been a rough week. I hate working with and working out around cock I can't have. So here's a Friday night ramble that I'm posting on a Sunday.
I've caught myself a horny criminal. I bonked (not to be confused with boinking) and threw him in Horny Jail. He will remain there until that big, hard cock goes soft. I guess the fastest way to get there is to talk him through masturbating.
It's my birthday so I gave myself the gift of orgasms. One ginormous one that I thought had me knocked out until the surprise second one that snuck up on me at the end.