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Bighouseoflove Audio Sex Stories 108

A collaboration with inflamusgrow. He voiced his OC Inflamus growing into a massive sex monster. He gave me his voice and I edited it. Inflamus is owned by inflamusgrow. Voice actors: inflamusgrow. Audio made by me. ALL CHARACTERS ARE 18+
After getting their hands on a growth formula, Max Caulfield and Chloe Price have discovered a way of making the formula more...effective. Thanks to Chloe's love of science. The couple decide to have some fun with the formula and each other. Growing while having sex with each other. No matter how much of a...mess they make, Max still has the ability to rewind time. #lovebursts #lifeisstrange #growthisstrange #fmg #gts #femalemusclegrowth #giantessgrowth #citydestruction #lesbian #sex
WARNING: 18+ ONLY!!!!!!! An anonymous request to have Yang Xiao Long and Blake Belladonna from RWBY to grow into giantesses while having sex and battling giant monsters. Yang Xiao Long, Blake Belladonna and other RWBy properties, are owned by Rooster Teeth. Doctor Penelope and the Love Bursts Energy Drink Corporation or owned by me. ALL CHARACTERS ARE 18+
18+ ONLY!!! A request from Coolboy21 (Furaffinity) to have him and Rouge The Bat grow into big bulky fat giants and...have their way with each other. Gary is owned by Coolboy21. Doctor Penelope and other Love Bursts Related characters are owned by me. Rouge The Bat is owned by SEGA. #rougethebat #giantess #giantessgrowth #femalegrowth #femaleweightgain #gts #malegrowth #sex
Lana is a very short 19 year old woman. She's been annoyed by her small body for so long she's been trying to make herself look bigger anyway she can. Her life changes one day when she she's looking around a Love Bursts Energy Corporation building, looking for their growth formula. Lana is a really smart one, as she has been following the news about how people around the world have been turned into giants, muscular bombshells or in some cases, a combination of the two. Like how a that couple in the downtown area grew while having sex, they were just moaning with pleasure as they smashed through the roof of their house. Or Like a how couple of students in Arcadia Bay practically destroyed their dorm. "God that's so hot, I want it so bad!" She would think to herself. Love Bursts has been under investigation for this, but so far, no proof. But Lana knew better. Everyone that grew had a crushed can buried under the rubble of what were buildings, rushed cans that had the Love Bursts logo on it. As Lana was sneaking around one of their test facilities, she looked through a window saw a man and a female robot inside the room. The man was drinking one of the upcoming products. As soon as the unidentified man drank the energy drink, he ended gaining a boner that practically destroyed the front of his pants. His muscles expanding out of control, his cock getting thicker, but he was not growing through the roof or anything, just more muscular and sexier. Lana began getting aroused. "Fuck that's hot!!!" She thought to herself. As the man finished growing, his clothes scattered all over the floor, he proceeded to have sex with the female robot. Which the robot seemed happy to do. As the man was thrusting his massive shaft into the robot, Lana began touching herself. "Oh yes. Fuck her harder." She whispered. She could hear the the man loudly moaning and the robot simulating moaning as they were thrusting, the robot able to handle the massive male. As Lana climaxed she accidentally yelled with pleasure, drawing the attention of the robot, while the man was to "busy" to notice, Lana started to panic as the robot looked at her directly in the eyes. Lana quickly bolted before screwing up and drawing more attention. Later the next day, Lana ordered a product from the Love Bursts Energy Corporation for their new product, determined to grow muscular, but not into a giant. She wasn't really rolling around in cash lately so she did not want to cause any destruction of sorts. Not yet anyway. She just camped at the front door, waiting for it to come by. The door bell rang. She opened the door. The same female robot from the test facility. Shit. But the robot just hands her the drink order. The robot tells Lana that she can have her drink for free if she can keep quiet about what she saw. She agrees. I mean Lana does enjoy watching people grow. But she only gets to see that kind of stuff on animations. The robot hands Lana the drinks and leaves. Lana closes the door and quickly drinks a can. Already feeling the growth she realizes that she should have taken her clothes off first. Oh well...
WARNING: 18+ ONLY!!!! A request from 50PercentGrey to have Chun-Li from Street Fighter grow massive and hump a building. #chunli #chun-li #streetfighter #giantessgrowth #giantess #gts #fmg #femalemuscle #femalemusclegrowth
18+ ONLY Based on the artwork "Max Caulfield And Her BIG Adventure" by DakunArt (DeviantArt) Max Caulfield does something to time and space resulting in her growing into a giantess. And unfortunately, this happens in her dorm... ALL CHARACTERS ARE 18+ #maxcaulfield #lifeisstrange #giantessgrowth #gts #femalegrowth #gtsgrowth #giantess
WARNING: 18+ ONLY!!!!!! A request from someone, who wishes to be anonymous, to have my OC Doctor Penelope experiment on a horse and lion. The experiment resulting in sex, growth and pregnancy. Audio is created by me. Requested and special thanks to the one who voice acted the lion, an anonymous user. #doctorpenelope #couplegrowth #giantgrowth #giantessgrowth #growth #impregnate #pregnancy
Lisa O'Lantern hires the She-Hulk to defend her case, the case that involves her getting sued for causing damage to city property after growing into a giantess Only problem is after the trial is finished, Lisa starts flirting with Jennifer, her own lawyer. Even the sensational She-Hulk can't resist that stupid talking pumpkin's charm and sexiness. So they proceed to have sex, somehow causing the gamma radiation in Jennifer's body to become more potent, and make it contagious. They both start grow taller, muscular and more important to Lisa, sexy.
One day Max receives a free drink pack from a mysterious robot working for the "Love Bursts" energy drink corporation. When Max took her first sip it caused her to grow uncontrollably, with height and muscle, and make her ejaculate all over her dorm walls. She decides to use her "rewind" power to clean up the mess. Later in the morning her best friend Chloe shows up to try it for herself, of course this causes her to grow the same way Max did, then they both get aroused and begin to have sex. Once they finish they decide to grow again, resulting in Max's dorm being completely destroyed. Attracting a nearby audience. Life Is Strange along with related characters are owned by Square Enix. All characters are 19+
WARNING 18+ ONLY!!!! A request from KeiraKain (Twitter) to adapt kitutal's (Fur Affinity) story, "Commission 26: Spray and Play." OC is owned by KeiraKain (Twitter) Story is originally done by kitutal (Fur Affinity) Audio, narration and other sounds are done by me.
WARNING: 18+ ONLY!!!!! As Aloy went around the Nora forest, she comes across someone being attacked by machines. This person that she rescued turns out to be someone that can make people much larger than any machine the young huntress has ever encountered. Aloy and other Horizon Zero Dawn properties are owned by Guerilla Games and Sony Interactive. ALL CHARACTERS ARE 18+ #aloy #horizonzerodawn #femalemusclegrowth #fmg #giantessgrowth #gts #clothesripping #femalegrowth #lovebursts #warrior
Barbara Gordon is approached by Doctor Penelope with an offer she can't refuse... Batgirl, Batman, Commissioner Jim Gordon and Poison Ivy are owned by DC Comics. Doctor Penelope and Love Burst Energy Drink Corp. are owned by BigHouseOfLove #lovebursts #batgirl #barbaragordon #femalemusclegrowth #fmg #giantessgrowth #gts #growth #femalegrowth