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Bubblegumpixie Audio Sex Stories 58

Trying to keep quiet through a very intense, very wet, very long in the making orgasm.
Had to try to be quiet again, with people in the living room, but sometimes a girl just has to urge herself on.
Sometimes it's just got to hurt. Sometimes I need it to hurt.
I was feeling a little shy but also a lot turned on. So you get a lot of breathy moans and whimpers and a little bit of dirty talk.
I needed to get off. I had privacy and a couple toys and this is what I did to myself.
I don't have as much privacy as I've had for previous recordings, so I need to stay quiet. Not always my best thing. It does make for an intense experience though. I had to cover my mouth with my own hand at one point - you should see the teeth marks in the heel of my palm.