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Canivoice Audio Sex Stories 33

Have you ever wanted to listen to Yuri pleasing you with her breasts? Well now you can.
Back in 2017, I uploaded my first Leopika audio. Then in December 2017, I remade it because I hated the first one. And now, this is the second remake because I didn't like the previous two, and this time, I do like this one.
No plot, just Natsuki and Yuri using a double-sided strap on, along with a bit of dirty talk. For the first time, I was commissioned to make an audio! It was really fun. I hope this is to their liking.
The next match is about to begin. Incineroar won't come out of his room, so Isabelle goes to check on him. SCRIPT: *Isabelle knocks on the door to Incineroar's room.* Excuse me, Mr. Incineroar, but our match is about to begin. Is everything okay in there? *Isabelle hears a muffled response.* I can't understand what you're saying, but you don't sound okay. Do you want me to get Dr. Mario? Actually, I have no idea if he can help Pokemon. At this rate, I'll never get him to open the door. Incineroar, if you don't open this door, I'll do it myself. Don't you growl at me. I'm coming in because I'm worried about you. *Isabelle opens the door. She finds Incineroar who is sitting on the floor with his back turned.* Listen, whatever it is, I won't get angry. Could you please turn around? *Incineroar turns around.* See, that wasn't so ha-aahh... *Isabelle sees the problem. It's pointing straight at her.* O-Ohhh, it's that time of the season. That's definitely a...a big problem, and you can't fight looking like that. Um...You know what? I have an idea on how to fix that. What if we...what if we had our own kind of battle right here? I hope the audience and the announcer are patient enough. *Incineroar picks her up and places her on the bed. Then, he gets on top of her.* Hey! O-Oh, you're starting already, but... It would be better if I prepared myself and you just watch. Your claws might... *Isabelle continues to talk while pulling off underwear.* You do have enough patience to wait while I do this, right? Well, here I go. *Isabelle rubs her pussy.* To be honest, I haven't-Mmm done anything like this in a while. Hey, wait. I have a better idea. I can't just neglect you while I do the work. Since we're having our own "battle," do you mind a little roleplay? If not, then, I hope this doesn't remove one of my stocks. *Isabelle takes Incineroar into her mouth.* I wasn't expecting this to be this much fun. While I do this, I'll... Okay, I'll continue. *Isabelle goes back to sucking while fingering herself.* I'm ready. How about you? Actually, I don't need to ask that. Here, I'll flip over. *Isabelle goes on all fours.* We're using no items in this match, except smash balls. Alright then, let the real battle start. *Incineroar pushes inside her and starts thrusting.* This is going to be really rough to handle! *Incineroar thrusts rather rough.* I-Incineroar! You're going a bit too hard! *More moans and pounding. Isabelle starts to get used to it.* I think I'm-ah getting used to it! S-So deep! Yeah, t-take me! *Sex and moans continue.* You're not gonna-Ah let me win so easily, are you? A-Ah, watch the claws! *More moans.* Yes! Yes, you're winning! The Smash Ball is right in front of you! *Incineroar using all his energy.* You can use your final smash on me!...Or in me! I'm gonna...I'm gonna have my own... *They both cum.* Do you feel better now? *Incineroar snuggles her while purring.* That tickles! But seriously, are you good now? That's good. We're lucky that the player was disconnected from the online battle. Maybe we can stay here longer and rest more- *Announcer from far away says, "Choose your fighter!...Isabelle!"* Oh, for the love of...
During all that’s been going on on the ship, Kurapika comes to Leorio to get some help with his stress.
An AU where Kurapika is a royal prince and Leorio is a servant who "takes care of" Kurapika's problems.
Leorio Using Kurapika’s Mouth For Pleasure and Kurapika Getting Pleasure From Being Used
During the fourth phase of the hunter exam, Kurapika and Leorio “take a break” from finding Ponzu.
Leorio and Kurapika are watching an action movie. It gets heated when an erotic scene starts playing. Kurapika is a trans male in this.