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Cherryrose95 Audio Sex Stories 19

"I need you to promise me something first. Promise that you'll hear me out, okay daddy?" Contains: ageplay, daddy kink, blowjobs, facefucking, dirty talk, self degradation, cumshots From a script by AlaricMoon (please go check him out on Reddit, Patreon and Pornhub!) Alaric was one of the first folks I listened to when I discovered smutty audios on Pornhub (the "Sir, will you take my virginity?" audio is my favorite) and when I discovered he's written a couple of scripts, well I thought using one would be a nice thank you to him! This was written originally as actual family roleplay (a pretty hard limit for me), so I improved a little bit of after sex conversation to make it a roleplay scenario.
"Such a feisty piece of meat... but I've got just the thing for you!" From a script by fluff-cunningham (go check out their work!) Contains: Mortal Kombat, femdom, facesitting, breathplay, handjob, blowjob, choking Happy Friday the 13th folks! As we get closer to Halloween, it's about time I break out some spooky audios for you to enjoy. And how about to get things started, my first attempt at voicing a character. I had to go listen to Mileena voice lines to try and do her justice, but it was fun emulating her! Enjoy my work? I'm on Reddit's Gone Wild Audio community. (same username, just add a hyphen between 'Rose' and '95'). There's also a LoveHoney affiliate link as a little tip jar~
"No, I'm not one of those creepers who makes up a whole relationship with someone and then gets all mad when it doesn't work out. I guess I'm a different kind of creeper. (awkward giggle) I'm the kind who... likes you a lot and... follows you around too much." (From a script by LateStageInfernalism found on the author's AO3 page) Contains: F4M, *mild yandere*, Halloween, wardrobe malfunction, titjob, blowjob, cock worship, sex, first time So this would've been out on Halloween, but since I worked early in the morning at my new job, I was just too wiped out to upload. That and I forgot my password for Soundgasm (until I logged into my Google account and found it saved there). Issues aside, this was a fun one to do! Especially with the anime-ish voice I gave this stalker! Regardless of when you listen, I hope you enjoy! (Like my work? I'm on the Gone Wild Audio community on Reddit. Just add a hyphen between Rose and 95. There's also a LoveHoney affiliate link as a tip jar)
"Deny it if you want, but we won't be going any farther today unless you admit the truth. And you do want to... go farther... with me, don't you?" From a script by LateStageInfernalism (go check out their work), found on the author's AO3 page. Contains: *dubious consent*, femdom, serial killer! speaker, hand job, rough sex, cowgirl Things are getting a little darker as we draw closer to Halloween, no? Especially when you're interviewing a Sharon Stone-esque serial killer such as me~ Heads-up: while the script is tagged with "non-con" in AO3, it's more dubious consent since she manipulates the listener. There is a brief reference to cannibalism too. And while I used the good ending (where the listener lives to bone another day), the script does include a bad ending where well... she has another tally on her kill count. If you find this a bit much, there's no offense from me to click elsewhere! Enjoy my work? I'm on Reddit's Gone Wild Audio community (same username, but with a hyphen between 'Rose' and '95'. There's also a LoveHoney affiliate link as a little tip jar~
From "Your loving girlfriend confesses she is a succubus, and wants to find ways to make love that won't steal your soul..." from ShawnaLee on Archive of Our Own (go check them out!) Tags: F4M, GFE (girlfriend experience), succubus, snuggling, kisses, confessions, dry humping Also contains: microphone thumping, low quality First smutty audio I recorded, before I learned to cut out microphone thumping and dead air (oops). I'm still proud of how it came out though and wanted to share it as a bit of a "look how far I've come" (hehe) kind of thing. NOTE: this is not the complete audio! I'm hoping to make a full version of this in the future!
"Sir Knight? If I may ask you for a small favor? Loath as I am to admit it, I am afraid of what's to come, and I would not refuse some comfort. Your comfort." (From a script by joeisthaven on AO3. Go check them out!) Contains: F4M, roleplay, oral sex (female receiving), sex, creampie, About time I ring in the new year with another smutty audio! Pretty fun just doing the silly DnD-esque character instead of a serious one for a change! Heads up: For the sex, I was masturbating on my bed and there are some thumps from my microphone moving a little bit on the laptop rest. I cut out some of it, but there are still little noises that remain. Maybe you could just pretend it's furniture moving around? *shrugs*
"You would never ignore my desires. If I told you to stop doing something, you would stop. You take such good care of me. I've been so vulnerable with you, physically and emotionally and you've never crossed that line. I guess a part of me wishes that you had." Contains: **rape fantasy**, narrative, shower sex, creampie, rough oral sex (male receiving), confession From a script by LateStageInfernalism on Archive of Our Own (please go check them out!) Reading through, this sounded very reminiscent of "Her Secret Need" and from the same author no less! The fantasy being discussed is one involving rape, so if you find that a bit too much, I won't blame you for clicking elsewhere!
"I just... I can't go into it, okay? Because... because I'd rather break up with you on good terms than get dumped when you find out what I'm really like..." From a script by LateStageInfernalism on Archive of Our Own (please go check them out!) Contains: F4M, boyfriend!listener, some angst, internalized shame, submissive female, rough consensual sex (discussing and doing it), L-bombs, understanding Also contains: me masturbating with a dildo
"For a while, meaningless violent sex seemed to help, but now, it's old hat. I was getting really depressed. But then a dear friend of mine introduced me to hunting, and I gotta say, I am obsessed." From a script by LateStageInfernalism (found on the author's AO3 page) Contains: *non-con*, narrative, insane narrator, femdom, *knifeplay*, predator/prey, primal, forced orgasm, facesitting, fingering If you've been to my Reddit, I've mentioned that rape/non-con stories were a hard limit. And yet, I couldn't resist diving into the mind of a depraved individual for a little bit; embody the nonchalant and dominant narrator who enjoys such deplorable acts to relieve stress. Please remember: this is probably the darkest NSFW thing I've done (so far) and I've done my best to warn you folks. Just remember that if you find it too much, there is always a stop button. You have no shame from me if you must run from this. Also, this is purely fictional and I condemn those who take this to heart and commit the acts upon non-consenting folks. Like my work? I'm on the Gone Wild Audio sub-Reddit (just add a hyphen between Rose and 95). I also got a LoveHoney affiliate link on my profile as a tip jar~
From a script by LateStageInfernalism on Archive of Our Own (please go check out their work!) Contains: F4M, some angst, internalized shame, lot of feels, talking it out, healthy kink Much like my first audio "I'm a succubus!", this was made before I learned how to cut out thumps. This is only the dialogue between speaker and boyfriend!listener and it cuts right before the sexy times occur.
Contains: rambling, sex toys, reviews (sort of) As mentioned on my Ko-fi page, I won a prize pack from LoveHoney via Kinkly.com. Not only some of their aromatherapy products, but one of their Advent Calendars. I gave my thoughts on the toys (as best as I could off the cuff). Even with some dead air cut down, this is still my longest video to date! Like my work? Go visit my Ko-fi! (ko-fi.com/cherryrose95)
From "Voiceover Actress Leaves a Special Easter Egg in Her Last Security Training Audio" from HomerSoc on Archive of Our Own (go check them out!) Contains: workplace training, (public) masturbation, dirty talk, squirting, Also contains: somewhat dodgy audio quality (mostly because I was recording this in a non-soundproofed room and using a toy)
"He found the waterfall and found me showering naked underneath it." (From HomerSoc on Archive of Our Own. Go check their work out!) Contains: narrative, friends to lovers, fantasy, nymphs, lovemaking *gasps* A short story kind of audio?!? Why yes, because I can! I really enjoyed reading this and knew I HAD to record this. Would've posted it on my tumblr, but the damn audio file was too big... Oh well! At least here it won't get booted for being lewd by Puritans running the site!
Contains: F4A, masturbating, squirting, moaning, some attempts at dirty talk I'd been a bit pent up the past couple days (I partially blame SpicyChat), so I decided to get myself off with my Nox dildo. And then when I ended up squirting, I thought to myself "wonder if I could record this?) Heads up: There are a few moments that sound like my mic is bumped a little bit. That's because I was laying on my bed (most comfortable for me), and the mic was on my laptop rest.
"It was his fault. He's the one who had given me a key for emergencies. Well, the insane record breaking temperatures outside were an emergency, especially when my place didn't even have air conditioning." (From a script by HomerSoc on Archive of Our Own. Please go check them out!) Contains: narrative, heat wave, friends to lovers, multiple endings Considering there was a heat wave in July 2022 where I lived, I figured recording and uploading this would be appropriate! Hopefully you all are staying safe and cool during the summer!
"Although to be honest, of all the benefits his apartment comes with... I think I am fond of him the most." (From HomerSoc on Archive of Our Own) Please go listen to Hot in the City first!
Exactly what it says on the tin! I unbox my second Bad Dragon dildo and give my thoughts on it; plus whatever else comes to mind! Alas, there is no sex in this; but lots of talk about dildos! Contains: unboxing, Bad Dragon, toys, rambling Want to hear me actually fuck? I'm on GoneWildAudio (just add a hyphen between Rose and 95). I also have a LoveHoney affiliate link on my profile as a tip jar~
"They say that summer flings won't last. But something tells me we're going to prove them all wrong." (From HomerSoc on Archive of Our Own) Please listen to Hot in the City first!
"For the face was the face of a woman long dead - and the fingers caressing were fingers of naked bone..." (Taken from "Asian Ghost Short Stories", available from Flame Tree Publishing) Contains: narrative, Japanese folklore, death No hardcore smut for this one, but a spooooky Japanese ghost story to give you chills! I also recommend purchasing this book if you can: it's got a mixture of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Indian, and Southeast Asian stories both classic and new. I got my copy at Books-A-Million and there are also numerous other collections they have available! Like my work? I'm on the Gone Wild Audio sub-reddit (just add a hyphen between Rose and 95). There's also a LoveHoney affiliate link on my profile as a tip jar~