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Chicken-jerky Audio Sex Stories 19

Synopsis: One day, while browsing the reddit porn sites, you come across a photo of a woman playing with herself in an office. Her face isn’t visible but she certainly gives you an eyeful. It’s the room though. There is something about it that makes you take a closer look. There are certain details like the chair that she is sitting on, the floor, and the distinct bracelet on her right wrist. It then hits you: this woman is your boss! The room is her office. You click on the username and find more explicit photos and even some videos. Your mind is blown. Obviously, there is only one thing to do here.
Mentions: daddy, princess, rape, sexting, fwbs, dirty talk, words, cocksleeve, personal fleshlight, moaning, whimpering, work crush, lots of laughs, gang bangs, slut, good girl, orgasm control, mistress, goddess, switchy, submissive/dominant, overstimulation, toys, ass play, exhibitionism, wet sounds, begging
No description because I barely say anything but "fuck" in it.
That’s it, just wet sounds Moan? 1 moan? No moans? Literally no words. Inclusivity notes: No names and no genitals are mentioned
Tags: begging, teasing, Mdom Speaker refers to herself as: Sweet little plaything, filthy perverted slut
Names mentioned: listener is called a good boy Tags: desperation, hotel room fantasy, sexting, teasing
talking about breakfast and potential scriptfills
narrative type/reading my writing out loud Listener’s genitals or gender is not mentioned Mentions of: kidnapping, escapism, rape, fearplay, humiliation