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Coffee_and_xanax_reddit Audio Sex Stories 10

Plot: A bad girl has been trying to get close to her crush for a long time, but for some reason ended up essentially acting as his bully--simply as an excuse to spend more time with him. Then, one day, the crush decides to get back at her by pretending to confess his feelings for her (even though he really does love her) and is taken aback when she says she wants to go out with him. In his surprise, he laughs at her, thinking it a trick. This breaks the girl's heart. She spends days crying, swearing she’s going to rip him apart. When her friends realise who's done this to the woman they look up to, they take it upon themselves to teach the crush a lesson. Only, the girl never wanted to see him hurt, no matter what he's done. When he calls her up to apologise, she knows something's gone wrong. This is my first attempt at an audio so it's all in one take. Any feedback would be awesome!! :)