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Consensualdomination Audio Sex Stories 11

Content Warnings: Hypnotic induction, dropped into deep trance, suggestions to drool, suggestions to go dumb, suggestions to submit & obey, suggestions to be a slut, suggestions to be a toy, linking being a slut to being a toy, ALL SUGGESTIONS MADE TO LAST UNTIL THE END OF THE DAY, suggestion that listening to this specific music makes you go blank. Welcome to Melodic Mind Modification, by ConsensualDomination. In this 10-minute file, you'll find yourself relaxing to the beat of the music and turned into a good, mindless toy. Did you know music could hypnotize? Why don't you find out? PLEASE NOTE: This file contains a safety trigger that will allow you to remove all suggestions early if desired/necessary. At no point should the listener find themselves completely powerless to the suggestions of this file unless so desired. A HUGE thank you to all the wonderful people who voiced the background subliminals for this file: - @peach-pistol on tumblr - @sweetfaeriefun on twitter - @lulu-dolly on tumblr - @sweetie-thesiren on tumblr - @thehandthatfollows on tumblr - @cassandra-truth on tumblr - @hypnoamber on twitter / @princessamber on tumblr - @k3nz-x on tumblr - and anonymous If you enjoy this file, PLEASE consider tipping me and/or all our wonderful volunteers!
This induction is meant to relax you, bringing the subject down and up again feeling wonderful while also making you want to be a toy. This induction contains sexual language involving objectification as well as light subluminals to make you want to be a toy. You may still believe you are a toy when you wake, however any lingering subliminals shouldn't last too long.
CW: Hypnosis, induction, slut conditioning, good girl conditioning, obedience conditioning (with safeties) For the full list of mantras present in this file, follow this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Xe9VxRdXPa9M7_w4Cuw7A2_gEEQSOfDzh8gsSZRcKz0/edit?usp=sharing This is a hypnotic induction and conditioning file meant to be listened to while sleeping. It lasts for a total of eight hours, helping you become the good, slutty girl you always wanted to be. There are safeties in the file to remind you that you may always revoke consent & can choose who you are a good slut for, however as a warning this file is STRONG. This file is best listened to with earbuds or headphones.
Please welcome to the stage our newest attention whore - andyschains! This audio file is a short clip of a session with Andy, including them being hypnotically fucked, spanked, and dumbification. This file does include hypnotic language and while it is not meant to be a hypno script, please keep this in mind. We are aware that the audio quality isn't ... great ... on either of our ends, causing mine to sound echo-y and theirs to often be heavily muted. We hope to fix this in the future.
A simple induction that brings you under and up feeling relaxed and refreshed. No triggers nor suggestions implanted (aprox 6 min)
CW: Hypnosis Induction, made to feel as if I'm guiding you to slowly edge yourself for X number of hours (where X is however many you have chosen) As mentioned in the content warnings, this file is meant to temporarily hypnotize you to be unable to stop touching yourself until the given number of hours have passed. You choose however many hours that is while under and a safety is implanted in case you need to stop sooner. This file will heavily affect many subjects. If using it, make sure you are in a safe environment and only around people you trust. Do not use this file in front of other people unless you want them to see you undressing and touching yourself and do no listen to this file while operating heavy machinery. If you like this file, please consider checking out my other works as well as leaving a tip, which goes a long way towards making more work (all my links can be found here: https://linktr.ee/Consensualdomination)
CW: Hypnosis Induction, suggestions to be obedient and submissive, turned into an obedient doll for the day This file is meant to condition you into being a good doll for your owner. The effects are temporary and last only until the end of the day. Safeties are also built in so if you are uncomfortable, you will be able to immediately remove all suggestions. This file will heavily affect many subjects. If using it, make sure you are in a safe environment and only around people you trust. This will implant a temporary call-and-response trigger into your mind to help further condition you. Have fun <3
This audio file is meant to accompany the induction of the same name. It is just the background music of the file, which can be used to enhance the subject's experience after listening to the induction.
CW: Hypnosis, induction, intoxication, hallucinating that you are intoxicated for the remainder of the day (or as long as you want) This induction file is intended to leave the listener in a blissful state of intoxication. This state can be removed whenever desired, however please do not use this before operating heavy machinery or while around people you do not trust.
CW: Hypnotic induction, no long term triggers, light “not a person just a toy” language, under and up with a relaxing feeling This induction is meant to help you relax and enjoy your day more. It can be listened to as often as you’d like, without any long-term effects. (Apologies for the background noise and overall quality, filming away from my equipment. Hope you’re still able to enjoy)
CW: Trance, left in trance in a garden of your own creation for as long as you want Let me guide you down into a beautiful garden, where you can stay - mindless and warm - as long as you wish