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Countflandy Audio Sex Stories 23

My first clip where I filtered out the background noise from the many fans in my room! This specific clip, is me doing my "Normal" Old man voice I commonly do.
I gave my shot at the typical 1920's angry older couple. Taking the role of the Man. NOTE; There is a little static here. That's because the cord to my AMP is bad and I need to replace it. I can usually fix that easily, but I loved this track so much I couldn't bear to cut it! NOTE 2; I've improved on my Sound work. But not the best. Almost there!
A sample recording from a Casino Guard (Cut content) that I recorded my take on.
So I tried to voice a rich guy. (Unscripted!) I think I did okay here, but I could of used a more pompous voice. Note; the background noise is the air. Its hot as hell here while I recorded this. My final voices will emit this, and any other odd audio in the back :)
Description: This is a snippit from one of the older re-writes of the Sherman series I'm working on. Its a great scene that keeps making us laugh, so I figured I'd voice all the characters myself and share. :)
This is Kyle, a character that appeared for a short time in a DND podcast I follow. This is my take on him.
Two Xcom Scientists talking while they're moving a crystal. Demo for a project :)
Happy Birthday to my good friend Ivo! My Co-Writer, and homie for life. I was too busy to make something, but Sherman offered to do something instead so I let him. I hope he didn't get too drunk.
This is a quick cut from a longer voice recording that I thought was really good. Better showcase of what I can do! :)
This time I tried my hand at a conversation between two characters. And neither of them were elderly! I think it worked out well. And I think I *Mostly* got my audio worked out too! Yay me!
A sample line of the character Carter, from Fallout 3. (Paradise falls)
A sample line from Chomps Lewis, the man at Sloan who you talk to about the Deathclaws.
Quick sample of me trying to make a Merchant who's interesting, not sure why he's a clothing vendor who sells Deathclaws, but you never know.