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Crueldominantmale Audio Sex Stories 42

This file will make you extremely horny. The horniest you have ever been. You will be compelled to either masturbate or have sex as soon as possible after listening in order to relieve your horniness. Warning: this file is extremely addictive.
This is a more interactive play file it will leave you extremely aroused but unable to touch yourself with the intention to pleasure yourself. It will feel like if there is an invisible barrier or a forcefield that stops your hand before you can touch yourself. Being unable to touch yourself will increase the need to pleasure yourself. Of course it will also be impossible to use any toys for stimulation. Over the next hour, your arousal will become more and more intense, and the only way to relieve it will be to hump something… But as soon as you start humping something the humiliation will increase your pleasure which in turn makes you more aroused which leads to more humiliation. Loosing yourself in the pleasure. The effects of this file will be active for one hour or until you have an orgasm, whatever comes first.
This file is designed to make you addicted to a hypnotic neck collar, which whenever it is put on you by someone you trust, you will become completely obedient to them, and if you put the collar on yourself in a safe environment, with written instructions in front of you, either on your computer or on paper, you will follow those instructions to the letter until their complete, this collar will also serve as a rapid induction, as when your wearing the collar, you will be in trance, so if you are given any suggestions to last after the collar is taken off, you will obey them too
Listen to this loop while masturbating. Makes you feel like a humiliated worthless masturbating pig until orgasm. Makes you feel horny and degraded. Suppresses you ego and self worth until orgasm. Encourages you to make pig sounds to feel more humiliated and more pleasure. May not exactly be the file for everyone - Heavy Humiliation!
This file puts you into a mindless and blank but aroused state while listening. Completely blank and free of any thought. But it feels so good. So blissful you want to keep listening. Also contains some meta-training to make other files more effective. Use headphones, loop, feel free to masturbate while listening and enjoy!
This file is those ladies who like to play with their clit it will make you wan't to do it all the time. It is a curse only I can remove and if the effect sound harsh try the removal. Best listened to with headphones. You were warned, hope you enjoy.
Second Masturbating Pig Loop. Makes you feel even more humiliated and degraded until orgasm, but this time you learn the masturbating pig chant. Much more evil (got a bit carried away....). Only bother downloading if you liked the first part - ultra heavy duty industrial strength humiliation. Don't say I didn't warn you!
A guided fantasy experience with a trigger at the end. You are pleasured by a machine until your mind is so full of pleasure it empties of everything else, and once your mind and brain have been washed clean, you are programmed into a sex doll, with a trigger to return to blank sex doll state.
This is a loopable NLP file which fills the listeners head with suggestions on how to become a slut. It will leave the listener feeling horny and slutty, and is excellent to workout or chill out to. Repeated use will find her wearing short skirts, high heels and craving cum as well as boosting confidence and sociability.
You want to be a thoughtless bimbo. Then this bimbo curse is for you. NLP, subliminal, binaural. Warning only listen if you truly want the effects from this curse. Please do not drive or operate machinery while listening. Don't forget to wear your headphones.
This file focuses on slutty behaviors, submissiveness, obedience, clothing, thought process changes, and such to turn the listener into turn the listener into the perfect slut, this version is aimed at producing a bisexual slut
This file will fill your nights with dreams of the most perverted and nastiest sex you can imagine.
This file installs a virtual plug in your ass. The plug will inflate and deflate rhythmically giving you a constant feeling of arousal and a need to relieve yourself. The plug will stay with you for the rest of the day, but will not prevent you from going to the toilet. The plug goes away when you go to sleep that night. But you will feel a strong urge to listen again the next day to reinstall the plug.
Get yourself comfortable lying down on your bed and I hope you can enjoy some time together. Probably best without head phones but a speaker next to you in the room to create a feeling oF being present.
This file is a major improvement of the horny file, and if you liked that one, you will love this one! The file will make you extremely horny. The horniest you have ever been. You will be compelled to either masturbate or have sex as soon as possible after listening in order to relieve your horniness, but for 24 hours you are unable to come. Warning: this file is extremely addictive.
This file causes the listener to have lucid dreams every time they dream every night.
en. This is a pretty extreme one! Strong homophobic language, name calling and brainwashing techniques are used in this file, and with the binaural and apocalyptic sound effects, this is one to be used with caution. If you download this file, please leave me feedback to improve my work
In the French Maid Series please listen while disrobed or in loose clothing. Bring a cucumber. This on-going series, by popular demand is why I make more. File is rated (XXX). No curses. No humiliation. Deals with utter mind control and a pleasant ending. For those who follow the series this is a serious approach for all the maids out there listening.
Masturbation loop dumbing the listener down, but this time it's far more effective. While listening you will be in a state of mindless bliss, after listening you will almost recover, but with every listen you will stay the tiniest bit dumber than before. It also raises your orgasm threshold with every listening, thereby giving you really nice orgasms to keep you listening
The listener will obey any commands they get in an email titled "THIS IS YOUR NEW HYPNOFILE" and will forget reading any commands with the words "MUST DO" in them. The file also encourages them to pass it on to others.