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Drahcoh Audio Sex Stories 17

Summary: It’s been a long night shift for you. You get home and get ready for bed and you’re reminded just how much it sucks working opposite your partner’s schedule. No more cuddling together and falling asleep together, and worst of all you only have a slim window for sex before he gets up to get ready for work. But today, he’s going to remind you just how much you both love and care for each other despite your opposite schedules. Work Text: Morning Sex With Your Nightshift Girlfriend
Proud of you for going to the gym, baby. Let me show you just how proud.
It's been a few weeks since she introduced herself to her new neighbor, and she has been on his mind ever since. Today, she will get him exactly where she wants him, no man can resist her forever. So, she invites him to come over while his girlfriend is away.
It’s been over a week since her new neighbors moved in, and now that it looks like one of them is home alone, the woman next door figures it’s finally time to introduce herself. She just loves it whenever new young men move in around the neighborhood, even if they have a girlfriend. That just makes it more fun to tempt him, just like she’s done before.
A short audio, that started life as a custom audio for someone on the sub. I hope you enjoy.