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Drkfae Audio Sex Stories 116

The monster under my bed gets it moment to shine. As I lay there asleep, tendrils come up from under neath. They are surrounding me and wrapping around my wrists and ankles. More explore my naked flesh, because I hardly sleep with clothing on, I awake to the tip of a tentacle circling my clit. The secretion it’s lubricating me with is a strong aphrodisiac. Any thoughts of fighting it escapes my mind while a thick haze of ecstasy takes control…
The mass of tendrils moved over her body. Her skin coated in the lubricant that second as an aphrodisiac. Just the touch alone aroused her. No longer able to cry out, because her voice was hoarse from the first of many orgasms. Its tentacles assaulting her pussy and ass, both matching a strong rhythm. One restrains her head and fucks her mouth, stretching its length down her throat. Slick hands pawing and pinching at her breasts. Ecstasy a constant flow, her body suffering wave after wave of the ongoing climax. It fed off her orgasm, making what was hers its own. The need for it grew stronger. She wanted it harder, faster and her body ached for more. Wanting it to possess her in every sense and own her. Be her master, tormentor, lover. It knew, and complied.
My trip to detention... had me all hot and bothered. Again.
Favorite flavor... Honestly could talk a lot about this.
A story about being caught, bound, and used by a Pirate Captain.
Audio request, eyyyy! What about "I'm going to peg your ass, sweetheart", because I'm weak for that quality content
What do you think of cumswapping? Nice and sloppy kisses..
Do you like getting your ass licked?
Please daddy, I'll be a good girl. I promise.