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Echosirin Audio Sex Stories 15

Do you want to become a better cuckold? This file is for you. you will become a servant of your Goddess's pleasure, and nothing will bring you as much erotic satisfaction as watching her with someone who can satisfy her in ways you simply aren't capable of. You're a cuckold because you are a disciple to Her pleasure. It fills you with deep satisfaction knowing that She is getting the mind blowing orgasms she deserves. Goddess's sexual satisfaction has become synonymous with your own. Surrender and let My soothing voice over subtle binaural beats lull you into a delicious, suggestible stupor. Sit back, relax, and let your mind melt into My hands. I know you're eager for Me to remold it, My little cuck drone.
Sit back, relax, and succumb to the tingles, pet. Binaural beats, haunting, stormy city soundscapes, and My velvety whispers in your ear lure you deep into My web of agonizing intimacy and sensual predation. Like you could even resist? My voice is a sensual storm, sending a cascade of shivers down your spine. While you're lost in this waking dream ( or delicious nightmare), I ravage your body and drain your of all your strength. Give in to this autonomous sensory meridian response while I siphon off the last of your strength, rid you of the last dregs of your autonomy. This 20 minute file MUST BE listened to with headphones on for optimal effect.
An erotic ASMR file with sensual whispers to give you tingles in all of the right places. This file is for good pets who love body worship and oral servitude. Do you want to please Me in every single way? You’ve worked hard for Me today, cleaning My house from top to bottom and enduring My sadistic blows. Now it’s time for your reward. Show Me just how dedicated you are to My pleasure. ( 18 min)
Give into your cock lust. Surrender to your queerness. Succumb to your desire for cock. In this hypnotic file, I will help you realize your full, slutty potential. Put your headphones on My pet, and let my sweet, soothing voice drop you down into a delicious trance, deeper and deeper until your inhibitions melt away and My suggestions ring true. You know that you need cock. Let Me guide you into a life of filthy, cock-filled debauchery and deep satisfaction.
you better get well acquainted with that pillow, pet. This is the start of a lifelong romance, and you two will be exclusive for life. I’m doing the women you lust after a favor by allowing you to get your horny impulses out on an inanimate object, sparing the sentient. You’re well-aware of your own inadequacy, aren’t you? So admit it: you know that pussy-free is the only way to be. Now put some headphones on and get your pillow ready. ( 10 min)
you couldn’t ask for more, could you? This really is a dream come true. Teased and denied until you’re ruined for sex. Edged so frequently and so mercilessly that you become a premature ejaculator. Kept in such a constant state or desperation that you’re now completely unfuckable, My pet. You’re as good as cockless now, and that’s exactly how I like you. I’m going to have My fun with you.
I'm so glad you're here, My puppet. Put on your headphones, take a moment to get comfortable, and let your eyes gravitate towards mine. Let my bright blue eyes and mesmerizing voice luring you into that hazy, delicious trance state you've been graving. And once you're there, I'll certainly have fun with you, letting you come up to the surface, just to pull you deeper every single time. Go ahead, try to resist, to withstand the power of My voice leading you right into that state of submissive bliss you've been longing for. This audio file includes soothing soundscapes & binaural beats.
This is a hypnotic file designed to mold you into the kind of man I like best, the kind of man I find most useful. And I know you want to be useful to Me. So follow My voice down the rabbit hole as W/we begin your transformation into a buff, dumb, hot himbo: stupid, strong, mindless, and obedient. I’ve never really cared much about what you had to say, have I? Your thoughts are dead weight, completely disposable. Rid yourself of them and become hotter to Me. Follow Me down to a place where you’re all body, no mind. Stupidity is so liberating, isn’t it?
It doesn’t take much, does it? Not when you've been pining for Me this long. Laying here, captive in My bed, wrists and ankles in leather cuffs. Your body is incredibly responsive to My slightest touch, cock already hard and dripping. Here I am, on top of you, in nothing but a silky black slip, curves pressed against your naked flesh, but poor thing–you're powerless to do anything about it. You’re completely at My mercy. Lie back and surrender as I tease and deny you until you can’t take it anymore. ( 19 min audio)
This hypnotic file is designed to increase your usefulness and servility and to help mold you into the ideal service submissive. Do you want to deepen the satisfaction you derive from catering to other people’s needs? To think less about your own desires and more your Goddess’ pleasure? Do you want to become more detail-oriented, focused, competent, and better at correctly and thoroughly executing tasks? This file is for you. Sit back, put your headphones on, and relax as My voice guides you into a deep state of relaxation.
The holidays can be a stressful time for people, so here is a cozy, gentle domme, ASMR aftercare session to unwind from holiday stress. Cozy up with me near the fire, my sweet pet, and let me melt your worries away. You can come closer, don't be shy. Lay your head in my lap and let me take care of you for a bit. Cuddle up under these blankets with me. I want to whisper in your ear and tell you what a good pet you've been. I want to caress and soothe your body, melting all that stress away.