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Eroticwordweaver Audio Sex Stories 47

Adulting Is Hard   In this improvisation audio your 18+ Daddy Dom boyfriend pampers and spoils you as the adult 18+ babygirl you are. You know adulting is hard and he realizes this. That's why he gives you a bath, gives you gifts, puts on your favorite animated movie, gives you a new teddy bear for you to "hug", a snack and drink, and helps you feel "good tingles" over and over again before you want to return the favor. He makes it clear you're his adult babygirl and that he wants to spoil you all night long, all weekend long. I hope you like this next installment of my audios. Please feel free to upvote, comment, chat, or message me if you like this file or want to provide feedback. There may be some background noise that couldn't be helped as much as I tried to eliminate it. My apologies beforehand.
M4F / Heavy dirty talk / Edging / Orgasm Denial / Strong Voice / Hair Pulling The M quickly warms up to dirty talking you, ordering you not to cum no matter what. He talks about what he wants to do with you, but denies you relief.
When you agreed to free use you didn't know what to expect in application, but you had to wear panties on top of it. So Daddy will punish you, though not in the way you thought. You become fully his after he marks you within and tells you to hold it deep inside. Does free use by Daddy seem so bad, especially when you still get cuddles afterwards?
Kitten had a long, exhausting day, but her Daddy knows exactly what she needs. And Daddy needs his kitten so much as well. His toy is waiting to be played with and he wants to hear his kitten meow, mew, and purr loud and proud. He misses your scent, your taste, your best. Kitten is reminded that who owns her, who needs her, who cherished her. And then it's topped off by a catnao cuddle..
Babygirl's Tease and Daddy's Pleasure             ----  Total Recording Length The scenario is you cummed without permission two weeks ago so Daddy has told you to not touch yourself, only listening to Daddy's teasing, taunting words to put you on edge. Your final punishment is Daddy taking his pleasure from undressing you and using you as a fucktoy, with love, and he cums inside you. You, however, are so horny and needy but denied any relief because he numbs your clit and nipples. But don't worry, he spoils you rotten in the end. Find out what happens in between...
Kitten has been hard at work being naughty, so what is The Daddyish Master Owner to do? Correct the kitten if course! So here comes the spanks, some hair tugging, and kitty checking before he has his fun. But not to worry, kitten gets a new stuffie bear she can "hug" and make herself feel right before a catnap to rest before more fun will be had.
M4F relaxation / foot massage / kissing sweet spots / worshipping F / M giving oral / finger fucking / forced orgasms / dirty talk / continuous orgasms Freeform ASMR to help distress and fantasize about feeling worshipped because you're a powerful woman
M4F after first date big girl games -- Shy F / M giving oral / edging / cum on command / dirty names / M voyeur / touching / kissing / sweet encouragement / snuggle An original work by Erotic Wordweaver
*** TRIGGER WARNING *** This ASMR audio has heavy use of harsh dirty talk that includes intense degradation and humiliation, and use of possibly triggering brutal name calling and an intense voice with some shouting. I'm being overly cautious as I'd rather overwarn than cause someone to be triggered by my words and voice due to past traumas. The scenario is you come home dressed provocatively neither telling me when you'd be home nor that you'd be dressed like that when you went out with your girlfriends. I interrogate you about it and start with heavy humiliation and degradation, using The Voice, that dominant tone that makes you feel intense conflicting sensations as you're punished. After all the rough verbal and physical handling I dish out, I give you very affectionate aftercare to comfort and reassure you that everything is okay.
You cummed without permission from Daddy. He won't use The Voice, the loud, firm one, no, his soft voice will fill your head as he torments you slow and soft. Will you survive his tender torment? You decide...
The Voice - Rough Love But Also ***Trigger Warning*** This audio has possibly triggering word use and situations with harsh name calling, references to spanking, face and pussy slapping, cropping, and flogging, nipple and clit clamps, and breath play. I'm being cautious because I don't want someone to be harmed because of my recording. A boyfriend finds out that his girlfriend has been doing her "work husband" and a few female coworkers and her actions turn him from the softer Daddy Dom he usually is into the harsh voiced rough handing Dom she secretly wants through her serious misbehavior. It goes from a few moments of calm to heavy, harsh name-calling with a rough voice and heavy punishment to doting aftercare to soothe her and prompt his return to being the softer Daddy she wants again.
You wanted a softer flavor from me, your Dom, so we began this play, breaking you in to be the middle between a good babygirl and a naughty big girl. You have been bad though and the punishment will be just as soft as my voice, but also so pleasingly, treasingly delicious, and relaxing.
You want Daddy to play rough with you, so he indulges your with pressing you against the wall after he has put you in your place with a fistful of your hair directing you where he wants you.aaYiur leggings and t-shirt rip and tear under his assault, then he has you as he wishes to. And in the end he cuddles and snuggle you as you lay as a spent, well used cumpuddle...
M4F / Shy M / Instructor F / Cuddling / M First Time / Dirty Talk / F Facesits M / Kissing / Kissing Pussy / Licking Pussy / Breast Play The night starts with a shy M snuggling and ends with him enthusiastic about orally pleasing you.
What does it take to become Daddy's perfect princess? Listen to Daddy's words and voice to discover the answer...
Listen to my tease about the fun you could have with Daddy as he explains the benefits of both options. Would you like a Daddy of your own?
*** TRIGGER WARNING *** This ASMR audio has heavy use of strong dirty talk that includes degradation, humiliation, and use of possibly triggering name calling and an intense voice with some shouting. I'm being overly cautious as I'd rather overwarn than cause someone to be triggered by my words and voice due to past traumas. ---------- The scenario is you're a college girlfriend who has a secret/confession about what you did today on campus. You won't disclose it until I use The Voice, the dominant tone that makes you want to reveal it to me. After all the rough verbal and physical handling I dish out, I give you very affectionate aftercare to comfort and reassure you that everything is okay.
You know what Daddy wants, what He needs and you'll give it to Him whether He wants you to suck or have risky fucks, you're His freeuse girl. Embrace your role and condition...
Do You Want Daddy's Mark? References to with promises of    ----  Total Recording Length The scenario is Daddy responds to an audio/voicemail you left him about how much fun you've had so far. Daddy shares his feelings, emotions, and memories of your sexy times together and ends with talking about a fantasy he wants to give you for a special night together for a delightful reason. Do you want Daddy's mark? How will you answer?