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Fangirlva Audio Sex Stories 24

Your vampire girlfriend plays with you for a bit before stuffing you with one of her prized toys. Though, you may have to beg to get what you want~ Contains: Dom/Sub, Pet Names, Dirty Talk, Dildo Use, After Care, Blood Sucking, Cursing https://twitter.com/fangirl_va DM if interested in commissions
You come home to Raven and want to try something new. Turns out, this is Raven's first time being a bottom. Contains: Dildo use, Cursing, Fingering https://twitter.com/fangirl_va DM if interested in commissions
Ashe had a hard day. What she needs right now is her loving girlfriend to help relieve her stress~ Contains: Teasing, Fingering, Dirty Talk, Buttplug and Strap On Use, After Care, Cursing https://twitter.com/fangirl_va DM if interested in commissions
Being a member of the Schnee family and a high ranking member of Atlas military, Winter has grown accustomed to giving commands. Will you follow her commands? Series: RWBY
Some time after graduation, Uraraka sees Deku being interviewed on TV. She remembers her feelings for him and decides to stimulate herself. Series: My Hero Academia
You're a psychic interrogator with a defiant prisoner before you. How best to unlock her secrets? Pain is an option. But pleasure just might be a more insidious torture. You're wet, girl. Wet. You, who would turn to dust and ash at the thought of my touch, have become damp and greased at the touch of my thoughts. Script by u/sandystockings2 https://twitter.com/fangirl_va https://www.buymeacoffee.com/fangirlva/