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Fictiosexual Audio Sex Stories 52

Axol finds Sabrina's spellbook and might've accidentally said one of the spells out loud...
N and Uzi have some time alone - as always - and Uzi is pretty damn bored so maybe doing this with her murder drone friend wouldn't be too bad?
I think someone may of forgotten to lock his door, oh well, now his big fluffy werewolf girlfriend is here to lend a hand, or a paw or two.
Voice Commission for IcarusAresane Hope you like it. (: I absolutely murdered my throat for this. XD
Sabby wants to reward her two boys for their hard work protecting her from a legendary threat.. And of course she chose to reward them with sex.
Sabrina had given birth... And her breasts are so full of milk!! Ax0l can't help but to get a taste.
N got horny and asked Uzi to help, but she had other things in mind.
Someone's hiding... Under the desk! What a surprise but a pleasant one nevertheless...
Serial Designation N was told that Sabrina needed him for something, which, he agreed to since he loves doing anything! Little did he know that it was him to get cock milked.
N loves doing anything! Uhh, I think! This time Sabrina has some other ideas in mind and this involves her in the one NOT getting fucked this time.
Sabrina's gotten horny... But at the wrong place... At the wrong time... Oh dear. Now just keep quiet and don't make too much movement!