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Flowliketea Audio Sex Stories 18

- Breaking in My Toy Slave My dearest cute pet toy of a slave. Look at how obedient and weak you are! I want to take a cute little mind like that... and just tear into it and break it apart. Turn you into an obedient husk of a slave who's only purpose is to serve me. I know you're already so eager to obey, and I know that you'd adore that. So come on, listen in. And I'll show you just how powerful my words can be. This ended up being delayed in it's initial creation due to personal stuff, but here it is! I finally have gone through and got this nice and recorded and edited. I really like how it turned out, I think it's my best work yet and all of my early access listeners have had glowing reviews as well. I hope you'll love it too! Note: The start of this audio has a little preamble to cover exactly what's gonna happen in there, but I want to emphasize here that this post deals with some heavy themes of complete submission and obedience to the point of implied identity loss, but you do not have to keep that programming! This file gives you the power to choose what you keep and what you don't. But it's important to know going in, so please listen to the full preamble, alright?
Let me Scramble Your Brain Away (Cube Puzzle Trance) My dear, I'm sure you've heard the idea of being a "plaything". A toy to serve the amusement of another. I do so love my toys. I love to twist and turn their minds to my whims. Turn their minds way so that they can't string together even a single coherent thought. It's so fun, and so intimate really. I want to just mindlessly scramble your mind away and enjoy your helplessness. Won't you let me, dear? This file is designed to scramble and twist your brain around, literally. It has a focus on confusion and interrupting your thoughts so you can't think properly, and as a result, has some light intelligence drain elements. Light elements of being a toy, a plaything as well, and plenty of times where I ask you to picture specific scenes. I also encourage that letting your brain get so confused feels good, and that you enjoy being helpless to me and my control. Hope you enjoy! Hello all! I've been gone for a while, but I'm happy to be making and posting now! This is an improv file of an idea I had for a themed trance that I thought was both unique, super fun, and pretty high concept! Feels good to get these uploads out! It's definitely a fairly intimate experience simply in the way I recorded and approached it, I don't hide any little speaking mishaps. It's me mindlessly shuffling around the little mind of yours, just like the name brand cube puzzle (ignore the fact I do say the actual name brand in the file). Thank you for listening, and here's to more files to come!
Obedience 101 - Welcome to Class! Hello my wonderful students! Thank you all so much for signing up for my class today, Obedience 101! I am Professor Tea, your lovely instructor for your lesson today. I'm oh so excited to have you in my class, and I hope that you listen very carefully to the lessons I have to teach you. If you do, I'm sure that all of us will have so much fun together :). I've been hanging around the hypnosis scene for a number of months now, mostly just listening to files, and now I'm so very excited to have the opportunity to create my own! I hope you find this first file of mine as delightfully fun to listen to as I did to conceptualize and record it. So please, listen and enjoy! I'd love to hear what you have to think about it!
Some people are just meant to be owned. Just a pet, an owned puppy. They can feel it deep in their soul. Deep in their very being; a spark that yearns for that complete surrender, that complete control. I have a knack for finding those people, finding those special pups, and making them submit under my will. My puppy, owned. Subservient. Obedient. You don't become a Professor like me for nothing; I always find the dogs in my class that yearn to be more than just a Teacher's Pet. So come to me, and I will show you the life of being my puppy. This is an alteration of a commissioned file of mine designed to be more approachable. It's a special file that is meant to turn the listener specifically into a Puppy. It walks through a transformation sequence with a fractionation based induction, plenty of visualizations, and plenty more "pleasure", all culminating in a HFO. This one is gender inclusive and references the listener being a Good Puppy and the listener having Puppy Parts. I really hope that it's able to tickle your brainstem and that you enjoy, my sweet puppy!
- Perfectly Posed Doll There you are my doll! I've been looking for my sweet little plaything; I want to have so much fun with you. I have such grand visions for you, beautiful scenes and dioramas to pose you into. Oh my, I can see it already! My adorable doll, I'm sure you won't want to disappoint. Surrender to me, my control; I promise that it'll feel really good. Just be my perfect little doll. This file was made on commission from a very close friend of mine. They are so sweet and I was more than happy to make an audio suited to their taste, and I hope that it will be suited to many of yours as well. It's a very fun file that plays around with just being a little toy to pose and play with. Has some light JOI but no cum instruction, but you'll find it's so very pleasurable all the same. There's a short ramble section of me just talking a bit at the end for those that want to just hear someone talk for a bit after the file ends ^^. While I make no mention of gender or genital types, I do have the listener put on a dress and generally assume a role as a more feminine doll, so please keep that in mind while deciding if this file is for you! Thank you for being here my lovelies, and I really hope that you enjoy!
Obedience 101 - Teacher's Pet My dear lovely students, I'm sure you know all about teacher's pets. All about being a teacher's pet. It's a very easily understood concept, and one mentioned so frequently in culture and media. I'm sure you like the idea of being my teacher's pet. But wouldn't it be even better if it went even further? I can show you a taste of just how deep the term "teacher's pet" can really go. Why don't you step into my class? I promise, you'll learn plenty about yourself and what you are really. Just join me in my lesson for you... Class is finally back in session! Today's file is all about petplay! I just take you down and show you that your are nothing but a pet to be owned and collared and leashed by me, and that's just the way you like it my good little sub. This doesn't go too in depth in terms of what petplay can be, but it can serve as a good introductory piece or a nice reinforcement without much pressure. I've been cooking this one in the back for a while, and I'm very happy to finally release it! It comes in conjunction with the release of my Patreon as well! I have a new file getting uploaded later this afternoon/evening that will be a timed Patreon exclusive (but it won't be up right away after this file), so please hop in and check it out if you like the hypno files that I do! I'm very grateful for any and all support, and I hope that I can make even more files going forward in the future! Thank you for listening my dear, and I hope to see you again soon ;).
Obsessive Girl/Yandere Kidnaps You and Brainwashes You to be All Hers Ever wanted to just be taken, controlled, made obedient and owned by someone absolutely obsessed by you? That cares about you so deeply to have become a stalker? That's a silly question, I know you do. I know everything about you. And I know how badly you want to be made into a plaything who obeys the commands of another. Even if you like to resist and protest and pretend otherwise. That's ok! I've still brought you here so I can brainwash and convince you how wonderful this will really be. You can resist me. In fact, I'm counting on it. It'll make it all the sweeter when you hand yourself over completely to me. You'll be just as obsessed with me as I am with you in no time. Hello everyone! Here's a new audio improv hypno file for you based on the idea of a Yandere kidnapping you! This file has themes of consensual non-consent, resistance play, some confusion play, obsession play, power exchange, and very light elements of pain-play. You are kidnapped and brought to the obsessive kidnappers basement, then hypnotized to be made obedient and obsessive to my commands. It's heavily implied throughout the rp that you, the listener, very much wanted this to happen to you from the start. CONTENT WARNING: This file does contain suggestions to have me stuck in your head even outside of trance. It's nothing major or life altering, and I include plenty of safeties on how you are completely independent in your thoughts and life outside of trance. Your choices and decisions are still your own, but that said, there are suggestions that the idea of disobeying me will cause you pain and suggestions to come back to me in the future. Some of that threat is part of the fun of a Yandere, after all. Please be sure you are ok with those potential effects before listening to this hypno rp. I'd also say that this file, in terms of Yandere theming, goes much lighter on what a Yandere could be. Consider it a testing ground, and that if this does well, I can further expand on another type of more intense Yandere content. Thank you for listening, enjoy, and keep yourself safe! After all, if something every happened to my toy, I'd be so very angry and upset...
Coming to see me during office hours? Aww, my good little subby student is just so eager to learn from me. Well, I am always willing to give 1 on 1 time for students who are so intensely ready to learn; I can help train and condition you to fall even further for me, since I know how badly you want to be a good sub ;). Hi again everyone! Super excited to be back with another full hypnosis file; I'm having lots of fun making these, and I hope that you all are having a very fun time listening. This one is an improv file centered all around fractionation, where I use it as a tool to help train you to drop deeper and farther down whenever you go under. This file is the sequel to my previous Obedience 101 file, where the scenario continues after that one and I use the trigger I implemented on that file to help drop you down. While I would recommend listening to that one first, I believe anyone could still easily experience hypnosis and fractionation in this file without listening to that one (I use plenty of regular trancey language in addition to my trigger), and it shouldn't serve as a barrier to enjoyment in anyway. Personal Plans: Going forward, I plan to keep using the Obedience 101 class theme for future audios because I think it opens a lot of fun and engaging hypno content possibilities (and I have a number of cool ideas in the works). I will mix in full on classroom sessions alongside these 1 on 1 themed office hours sessions. But after my next classroom audio, I will mix up the content themes so that other scenarios are included as well. So lots of fun content on the way! Finally, I plan on opening a Patreon and Cashapp alongside my next classroom release for people to be able to support me and these audios, as I want to be able to make lots and lots of hypnosis in the future. Still figuring out what the content structure will look like, but early access to audios will almost be a given. If you read this far, thank you so very much for making it all the way down here! You really are such a wonderful and amazing student for me :). P.S I have a YouTube channel now if you're interested. It's just silly short memes there, but check it out if you like those!
ou've been friends with the Girl Next Door for a number of months now, and you both have a penchant for getting up to plenty of naughty mischief. Suddenly, she texts you excitedly out of the blue, insisting that you must come over immediately, but she won't explain why. Once inside, she reveals what she discovered: brand new software meant to turn *you* into an obedient drone for her to play with. And play with you she will. She wants to take her fuckbuddy and give the programming a spin, conditioning you to obedience and empty, mechanical adoration. And throw in some horny teasing along the way. Let yourself get plugged in and feel the software transform your very brain. This is a hypnosis audio rp that focuses heavily on themes of dronification with a fun, light hearted air surrounding it. There's lots of teasing, rubbing, conditioning, and more to make your trip into a cyber headspace a fun one. Two triggers will be included in this audio: "programming activate" to have you instantly return to an obedient drone head space, and "programming off" which returns you back to normal, free of the drone effects. There's fractionation, playing with the listener's genitals, and descriptions of feeling your body become stiff, mechanical, and hot with desire. I'm not going to give much of a personal update this time, as it's not something I wish to share in an online space. But I am making some good progress in looking after myself. I hope you all have as much fun listening as I did recording. Please listen and enjoy!
Sick Girlfriend desperately wants to be by you (and hypnotize you to get you off) Your girlfriend has been overtaken by a nasty cold, and desperately wants to be by your side and cuddle up with you and get lost in the warmth of your presence. And she'd love to hypnotize you to help you get off and feel so much pleasure too, so you two can just drift away into the night together... will you join her? Note: This file has an open ending to take the path that you need out of trance, which could be continuing JOI until you cum or get tired, to just rest and drift away with me, or to wake up from trance in a little bit if you need to. Good to be aware of that going in though! Hello everyone! Coming to you today with probably the most delirious audio I've ever recorded. I got genuinely sick this week and had a tough cold. But I'm not one to let that take away from an opportunity, so I channeled that into as authentic an improv recording I could muster. The result may not be the most structured audio file, but I think it really captures the intimacy of this moment well since a lot of my noises and reactions in this file were genuine (it's so authentic that you can hear a phone vibrating in the background sometimes, just like you're really there! I promise it was intentional haha...). Other plans kinda got sidetracked as a result of the sickies, but more audios still coming in the future too. Hope to see you along for the ride!
A Kitsune Courtesan Takes Care Of You You are a Major in a fantasy empire's army. One evening, your aide informs you that a Courtesan is there to see you. A Courtesan! These incredibly high class, impossibly expensive kitsune escorts only mingle with the richest and most powerful members of high society. You've heard of them of course, who hasn't? But like most mere mortals, you've never actually seen one. What could one of them possibly want with someone like you? Well… To hypnotize and interrogate you, apparently. Hi everyone, happy to have a file coming out this week, this time a script fill for the very talented author u/Dibokucres! I think this script is super fun and engaging, and I had a very good time working on it. Plans for more works of my own writing coming in the future, but I have no doubt you'll be able to enjoy and get lost in this one as well. Enjoy! Fair warning, this file has no wake up at the end. There is a sound effect to mark the end of the audio which could wake you up, but make sure you have something to enable yourself to wake up should you need it (may I recommend my gentle and caring awakener???)
Doberman Transformation Some people are just meant to be owned. Just a pet, an owned dog. They can feel it deep in their soul. Deep in their very being; a spark that yearns for that complete surrender, that complete control. I have a knack for finding those people, finding those special dogs, and making them submit under my will. My dog, owned. Subservient. Obedient. You don't become a Professor like me for nothing; I always find the dogs in my class that yearn to be more than just a Teacher's Pet. So come to me, and I will show you the life of being my dog. This is a finished commission file that I've made! It's a special file that is meant to turn the listener specifically into a Doberman breed of dog. It walks through a transformation sequence with a fractionation based induction, plenty of visualizations, and plenty more "pleasure", all culminating in a HFO. This is a F4M file; I'll be calling the listener good boy and referring to the listener having a cock. I understand that it's going to be more niche compared to most of my works, but that's just the nature of commissioned work. But I do have the F4A puppy themed version of this instead if that's more what you are looking for! That one makes no mention of gender and describes a more vague transformation into a puppy, but otherwise uses the same framework as this one. Stay tuned for more, and if this file does work for you, I hope it's something you can really enjoy! Thank you loves <3
- Let Your Partner Hypnotize You Into Going to Sleep With Her After a long day, when it's finally time to get to bed, it really helps to have someone there, someone to guide you into a peaceful slumber. When you're looked after, when there's a gentle voice to guide you down, when there's someone right there beside you to help you get some rest, it's easier to let your mind go and just relax. And hypnosis is another tool, another way to push even further, even deeper into relaxation. So lay down with me, let me take you down dear. We can rest so peacefully together, with me as your guide. Hello everyone, here with another improv, this time as a sleep guide with a trancey theme tacked on. This audio is meant for exactly what it sounds like, going to bed at night after a full day. It has light roleplay elements where I play as someone close to you, namely your partner, and use hypnosis as a tool to help you rest and relax into sleep. That said, sleep is not the be all end all of my goal here. While this audio is ultimately meant to help with sleep, sometimes it will not always come naturally for everyone. Therefore, the emphasis is more on taking things slow and letting things go, with the intention of leading to sleep, but there is no actual pressure to force that sleep. From experience, I have found that hypnotic pressure, when the subject is unable to fall asleep, causes significant distress and anxiety. Hence why I make sure to push it in a lighter direction. Overall, it's meant to get you closer to that relaxed headspace to rest at night. Working on finding some more momentum to record more again, especially since I'm on break from a day job. Using this as a stepping stone for further uploads and to find the headspace to let me be productive and make the files I want to make. Wish me luck!
Caught Obsessing In the Grocery Store Aisle You know dear, it's ok to have a little crush. But to go so far as to follow me everywhere I go and plan to purposefully bump into me? Well now, that sounds more like an obsession. But then again, I so love toys who are obsessed with me. Who dedicate so much of their time and being to me. Who knows, maybe I'll even play around with you, as long as you decide to show up in front of me. Even in a grocery store, I find ways to enjoy an intimate, pleasurable connection to the subs who seek it. So why not step in and follow me inside? Who knows what will happen if you just so happen to run into me ;) Hi everyone! This is a Hypnotic role play scenario that takes place all within a grocery store. After a "chance" encounter, I decide to drop you down and make your body ache and whine in obedience for me. It focuses a lot on utilizing imagination and framing to turn what should be a mundane scenario into something more intimate and exciting. After all, I think there's a lot of intimacy to the play and teasing that can be made from the seemingly mundane. Fair warning, this has light elements of embarrassment play, but never going so far as exhibitionism. None of the actions taking place in the "grocery store" are truly explicit, but I absolutely play around with the fact that you are vulnerable in public in this role play and still make you needy for pleasure. Please keep that in mind when deciding to listen! Light personal stuff; this took longer than I wanted to make, but it's become a product of different situations and mental health never being able to stay calm for long. I have left my previous job and want to spend more time here working on these projects, but ultimately I do have to put other life factors first. Thank you for your understanding and continued support, I really appreciate it! Thank you for being here dears. Please enjoy!
- Reflecting on Your Submissive Self Join me for hypnotic story time, where I take us on a journey through a serene, picturesque forest full of comfortable and relaxing imagery. As we descend deeper into this forest, we will find ourselves a house most hypnotic, as though it was calling out to you, beckoning you to come in. Have a peek, you'll learn something about yourself. Hi everyone ! This is an improv file I recorded based on a trance I initially gave to a sub friend of mine a number of months ago. I decided to revisit it and bring that story to life again to share that journey with all of you! This file has some light conditioning, where I drop you into a trancey headspace and encourage you to feel submissive and obedient. I allude that this version of yourself is the true version of yourself, the version that you wish to be more. I end with a suggestion that when you drop into trance, you will feel that it's easier to channel and become that submissive version of yourself before a wakeup. It's a cute and gentle little file, and I hope you enjoy! If you're a fan of more "intensive" files, don't fear my lovelies. I have a brand new file releasing later this weekend that is focused all about breaking you and turning you into my obedient slave. If that caught your attention, I'm sure you'll be excited to see that file when it comes out, first as a timed exclusive on my Patreon before releasing for free next week. I do so hope you're excited for it, because once you listen, you won't have that choice anymore ;). Have a great weekend !
Will you share a dance with me? Will you share a trance with me? PLEASE SEE THE WARNING ABOUT TRIGGER USE BELOW You are attending the most prestigious masquerade ball in the country, mingling with guests and enjoying your time, until a woman approaches you with a proposition. She sees that you are different than the other attendees. That you aren‘t there for the status of it, but to genuinely connect with someone. And, that you’re just a subby bitch looking for someone to follow. She invites you to a hypnotic dance, a dancing waltz to put you into a trance. And once she does, she takes you to a private room for some more *intimate* fun. This is a improv file focusing on emphasizing the “intimacy” that comes with a connection with someone. It’s not just about lewd fun (although there is definitely still lewd fun to be had!) but about the pleasure of connecting with someone by sharing a special moment together. We have a countdown to a specific rhythm alongside the visualization of descending down a stair case as I lead you on a dance. we do some simple exploration of each others bodies and instill some pleasure in the process. This is all capped with the installation of the trigger “won’t you dance with me?” Which returns you to this dancing trance like state. WARNING: in the file, I meant to emphasize that the trigger would only activate when I said it. However, I ended up making no such clarification in the file itself. It is still implied that it should work with me alone, but at the same time, it needs to be said beforehand that no restriction on who can say it is given in the file. Please keep this in mind for safety reasons, and prep your mind to only let that trigger be usable with people you trust! Things remain crazy in my personal life outside of this file, but I am doing my best to sort through it and return to a more consistent upload schedule. Thank you all, and please enjoy.
Gentle and Caring Awakener Hello everyone, this is a simple, short audio I made from a request for people looking for an audio to listen to to help wake them up when they are down in a hypnotic trance. While it is written and voiced with that in mind, it could certainly used for other situations as well. There are no explicit hypnotic elements in this audio, and it is meant only to wake you up, not drop you down. I hope this can be a nice audio people can listen to and enjoy to help wake them up or pick them up when they're feeling sluggish or sad. I hope you very much enjoy it!
Just a verification audio for r/pillowtalkaudio. Real ones will listen to it still though!