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Gentlegeek29 Audio Sex Stories 162

You've only been together for a short time as a couple but your boyfriend is already certain about you. He's never felt like this about anyone, and he tells you softly about his desire to make you his. He asks if you trust him. You do. He wants your body... all of it. Will you give it to him? VA & Script: u/GentleGeek29
Your kitten's heat is supposed to start tomorrow, and so you've taken the next week off work to get her through it. During a meeting, you get a text from her saying that it's started a day early, and she "needs you so badly, daddy". The meeting ends and you rush home, ready to help her - after all, only you know how. Script: u/rippedpantsunh VA: u/GentleGeek29
We’ve talked about your fantasy so many times. And this is the perfect time to turn it into a reality. The perfect morning to wake up with me between those pretty thighs of yours. Good morning, baby. VA: u/GentleGeek29
Your boyfriend is at work, and you've received a new toy you've been too shy to tell him about- You'd love nothing more than to tell him how you'd like him to use them with you, but scared of being judged, you're waiting until you're alone to give into your desires. Today though, while you're deep in the middle of fucking yourself silly, you hear the front door open, and your boyfriend's cheery voice calling for you. VA: u/GentleGeek29
You bump into an acquaintance at a crowded party when the lights suddenly go out. They take such good care of you, and there happens to be a closet right there... Script: u/Fuzzdelight VA: u/GentleGeek29
What is a movie date without a little bit of popcorn, hmmm? But a little saltiness begs for sweetness... so why not do me a favor and hop onto my lap and let me appreciate your body from head to toe. This movie's a bit boring anyway. I'd so rather be watching you get kinky with me.
You're a pastry chef working hard in your own little bakery. You have a regular customer who comes in nearly every morning for a coffee and one of your delicious pastries. He is tall, fit, and handsome, while you are short and consider yourself too chubby to be desirable. But...you can't help but notice the way this man looks at you. How often he comes in isn't only because of the good food and coffee. He doesn't have a crush on you...does he? Script: u/BakingMama1995 VA: u/GentleGeek29
Your girlfriend comes home with a weird scent clinging to her, lingering on her skin long after it should have been scrubbed off. When you ok it's the smell of another hybrid, and even worse, a puppy - well, it's only right for you to make it clear just who she belongs to >:( Script: u/rippedpantsunh VA: u/GentleGeek29
The colder the weather gets, the more of your warm, cozy clothes your girlfriend steals. She says that guy’s hoodies are just better (she’s not wrong). She’s just lucky she looks so darn cute in them! One day you come home after a long day at work and you find her in the kitchen, bending over to take something delicious out of the oven, wearing only your hoodie. This stirs something inside you. As cute as she is in your clothes, you think she actually looks way better out of them. VA: u/GentleGeek29
You have been competing with her since you were old enough to get real grades, sacrificing life experience and a social life in the pursuit of academic excellence. On the day of high school graduation you make a deal: whoever graduates first place from the University you will both be attending will win one day of servitude. But when circumstances push you to tutor each other in college, competition becomes heated collaboration. Fast forward to the present day, where you and her are recent graduates that have been dating for a little over a month. You haven’t had the time or privacy to do much more than under the clothes stuff, but your roommate recently moved out and she’s about to walk into the bar you’re having a drink with a friend in. VA: u/GentleGeek29 Script: u/IslayNeat
A late night return flight quickly goes from sweet spooning to desperate pleas for more. You could never deny him, especially when he begs so prettily. Script: u/bean-cat u/GentleGeek29
You are recommended to try out this new cafe called the C&C by a friend of yours who's been raving about it. Now coffeeshops always have a cozy vibe to them but this one has a bit of a twist: on top of serving you a delicious cup of joe, they also service their female clientele by eating out their pussy. It's a new concept but one that you just have to try for yourself. Script: u/-et_Al VA: u/GentleGeek29
You've long kept a hidden kink secret from your boyfriend; how you've always wondered what it would be like to be personally washed and bathed by another. However, your fears and embarrassment have kept you from straight out requesting it. But when a movie scene triggers your fantasy, your boyfriend gets clued in and acts on it. You are hesitant, but he isn't. No, he's going make sure you get to experience this once and for all, even if it means him stripping you down by force and making you. VA: u/GentleGeek29
What happens when I finally have some "me" time after a few days of being busy and not getting a chance to cum? Oh nothing... just me sprawled out naked on my bed, stroking my throbbing cock as I fantasize about suckling on your wonderful tits as I shoot out a fresh load of cum with your nipple in my mouth... u/GentleGeek29
You can't drive so your tired boyfriend has been driving for 3 hours and there's still 4 hours left to reach the destination. You feel a little guilty for not being able to help him, but there's got to be another way to help distract him from the endless road, right? VA: u/GentleGeek29
We all have our long days when work just eats us alive, don't we? But how amazing would it feel to have a loving boyfriend welcome you home, help you with your stuff, and also treat you with your favorite meal all hot and ready to eat? Oh, and let's not forget him taking the time to work out every stress from your body, emptying each thought, and making sure you knew you were his personal employee of the month
Listener is prepared to spend the night with her bf of 5 years, only to find out the dress he bought her doesn't fit. But don't worry, the night is far from over. Script:u/EricaEthereal VA: u/GentleGeek29