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Goodest-best-boy Audio Sex Stories 53

AUDIO REQUEST: “Hey baby boy,,,can you make an audio where your partner is making you cum over and over again to the point youre begging for them to stop?” -The audio scene takes place after making the sub have came four times already
What started out as a simple edging audio turned into a 30 minute fuckfest in which I lose my mind, finger myself with lube for the first time, gag myself and throat fuck myself to the point I just blacked out for 10 minutes after making it
AUDIO REQUEST: “hi sweetheart. could we possibly have a pet play audio where youre the domme’s good boy please? bonus points for begging and whining hehe”
There are only 5 times I have lost it. Genuinely lost it. Not acting, not exaggerating but only 5 times now where the pleasure, the desire to cum and please has sent me so far into my own head I hit insanity. Today you broke a good boy.
Audio Request: “Can you please do an audio of a needy boy who acts like he doenst like his spankings but then he moans really loud and starts grinding and whimpering? Thank you!”
Audio Request: “Can we have an audio where a sub requests that their mommy guides them through touching themselves? Bonus points if she calls him a good boy.”
AUDIO REUEST: “Hi! Actually , I have a request. Can you make an audio where you constantly do high-pitched moans ? Sometimes telling you're a slut and squeal "mommy" ? But essentially girly moans ? You'll be such a sweet little boy~“
Audio Request: “Could we get a yandere dom sam audio? This one more sickly sweet and deranged sounding. Really play up the fear if you could please.”
After one of his students ‘accidentally’ includes a NSFW femdom story with their essay submission, this teacher decides it would be best to address to issue in private. What could go wrong?
Kink Talk: You give me a kink to talk about and I do, while I edge myself and talk about a fantasy with said kink
Kink Talk: You give me a kink to talk about and I do, while I edge myself and talk about a fantasy with said kink
AUDIO REQUEST: “Could you do audio featuring that biker gang? I wanna hear how you sound when you get beat up and choked~ oh and maybe you can be taken by force too, if that’s okay?”
Just a quick little audio inspired by a tweet from @imrileywest on twitter! I’ve never been in a fight before, so this probably sounds awful but it’s definitely accurate! Might do something like this again if people like it!
A weekly game night was a good idea in theory, but difficult in practice when you have a extremely horny and bold domme with a thicc strap
Kink Talk: You give me a kink to talk about and I do, while I edge myself and talk about a fantasy with said kink
AUDIO REQUEST: “You start off all tough and dominate, trying to tease the listener or be the domme. But then they switch the roles and you end up at a flustered, embarrassed mess as you get put back in your place by Mommy~”
Audio Request: “okay so you did the yandere audio where you kidnapped the listener. what if you did one where the listener is the yandere and they kidnapped you and they are jealous of all the attention you give your followers and wants you to only focus on them >////< yandere stuff is my actual fave”
A house husband makes a plan for his wife after weeks of her working late at work to help their family get through a rough time. I wanted to make a softer and more loving audio for once. PlusIwannabemarriedandadadsomeday
AUDIO REQUEST: “hhhiii sweetie would you mind doing an audio of you trying to distract your mommy when she’s working? (bonus points for whining and praise) thanks ;) “