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Gutfucker Audio Sex Stories 20

Tough luck. You've reached the end of the month and you've come up too short to pay off the debt you owe. Loosen up that jaw as you get forcibly integrated into the Gutpoker Incentivized reimbursement program so you can work off that debt one fat gulp of steaming horsejizz at a time. Remember to keep up the tempo, you've got a whole queue of pent-up breeding stallions waiting for their turn with your throat.
From the POV of a dangerous knife-eared traveler stopping at an inn notorious for selling tankards filled to the brim with high-protein horse sperm. A serving much more hard-obtained than the ale they serve. She impatiently waits for her meal to be vacuum-slurped out of a horse in the room behind the bar by one of the milkmaidens while her fellow travelers are quickly seated along the adjacent tables, leaving the drow to bear the challenge alone as a milkmaiden leaves a plate full of jizz-brimming tankards at her hands. Starting off strong, she takes fast, hateful gulps out of the mugs, emptying one after another until the fetid ballglue begins to set in her stomach like testicular concrete, making the ordeal much, much harder, leaving her burping and puking up long-aged horsesperm all over herself. But still she persists.. A coinpurse lighter and an hour later, she wakes up in the room behind the bar with her cum-clogged frame draped across the horses' empty watering trough, quickly filling the container up with stomach-stirred horsejizz expulging from her mouth and nostrils in a cascade of chunky jizz-vomit. She'd lost all her money and bartering wasn't an option. Now she's trapped until her tab is paid. Not that her new "friends" are faring any better.
An errant knight and her steed rests in an empty glade deep within the forest. But due to a lack of much needed rations to keep up her strength. And at the doorstep to starvation, she resorts to sucking a healthy overdose of protein from her steed's low-hanging horseballs.
Set to work your legs into a quivering mess today, you spot one of those beefy fuckbrutes laying down on a bench and grunting - heaving a barbell closing in to near a ton over his chest. The listener quickly drops into a well-practiced thotsquat so low that their protein-fed asscheeks garishly distends their yogapants as it shelves on the back of their heels, nearly spilling pounds worth of assflesh onto the gym floor as they begin to apply kisses with drawn-out slurps to the big fat pair of overloaded bullnuts pouched in his gym trunks. The brute briefly pauses their lifting to look down before resuming, opening their legs so that the listener can get between those rippling tree-trunks, tug those shorts off and start to take deep, brain-rotting sniffs of those low-yield cum nukes before popping one into their mouth. This audio contains Kissing, licking, slurps, deep, appreciative, phlegm-filled gags to let the brute now you're ready to catch the full brunt of that ugly two-ton throatpie as thanks for being your gym-partner and helping you fill out those XXL-sized booty shorts you've got at home.
Centered audio of your 7ft, cat-eared, twerkbrute GF bashing her head against your crotch until your lap is a massacre-site of smeared lipstick and frothy ballbatter. Holding onto your thighs for dear life as oil-glazed dumptruck CLAP to the tune of your bloated breeder cock throbbing inside of her neck.
You accidentally stumble upon a video of your girlfriend sucking on some fat chode. Namely, not yours.
Note for headphone users: Most of the audio in this file will be coming from the right side. -------- POV: Your date (a 7ft tall, muscle-strapped twerkbrute cat with skull-crusher thighs) has been missing for an hour after saying she needed to freshen up in the bathroom. You go to investigate, and find yourself nauseated by what sounds like a busted, gurgling sewage pipe filled with wet cement sputtering in the furthest stall, only to realize you've been cucked as it's interspersed with bass-heavy, chest-thumping TWERKCLAPS that easily dwarfed the club's speaker cabinets. Your first thought is to burst down the flimsy stall door, but as your ears are engrossed in the SUCK-SLOBBERING sack-drainage just meters away, you stop, and tuck yourself into the adjacent stall out of a morbid sense of curiosity you very quickly regret.
______________________ -EXTREME GURO WARNING- AN: Briefly putting some other projects on hold to push this out. This one's a bit different to my usual MO, and I know guro can be a swing or a miss for some, so I do apologize in advance to the listeners who aren't really into this brand of audio. With that said, this will probably be the only piece I make that's explicitly guro-themed. Regardless of that, I hope you enjoy it. Thank you! _________________________________ What happens when your best is just not enough? What happens when the gold runs out and you can no longer talk your way out of a bad situation. For these four monster hunters, they find out the hard way. Captured and bound with their backs to the ground by horse-faced beastmen. No amount of impotent struggle from even the party's rock-sturdy barbarian will keep the structural integrity of their skulls in one piece. Once prideful, confident voices are violently turned into a chorus of throaty, panicked GLRKing sounds. - Growing increasingly panicked as they feel the mounting pressure on their skulls start to make them feel light-headed. No thanks to their equine captors, who make sure that each adventurer gets a front-row seat to watch their companions' heads turning into a gory mulch under a set of steamy, ground pounding horseballs. One after one, their heads are crushed, split and bifuricated under the duress of the brutal demands of the bloated, ballbroth-spewing horsecocks plough-fucking their faces until only one adventurer remains. Whom - as a reward for her endurance - is violently offed with an all the way through that renders her body asunder.
Shortstacked Goth decides to ignore the no-smoking sign inside the public restroom. (Small teaser for upcoming project)