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Iceboyo Audio Sex Stories 43

Who knew that a popular cheerleader sorority girl like you would end up having to take computer programming as an elective for your degree. Ever since the semester started, you keep taking advantage of other computer science classmates by using your pretty privilege as a way of blowing off the class by having them help you. However, one particular classmate saw through your antics and dragged you into a video game development project of which you have to complete by next week. Maybe, this time you could invite him to your place in order to further convince him to do the project. In the end, all computer science nerds are the same: easily socially awkward towards pretty girls, and adorably fuckable. Obviously.
After the failing attempt at being a wingwoman at a party, your roommate rushes back at the apartment and gets angry at you for calling him a complete dork in front of multiple sorority girls. This works out in your favor as you were always attracted to his mean side. Usually the quietest and sweetest people tend to be the most scary when they're mad... right...?
Being the first one to wake up in the morning after a sleepover is always so awkward. Luckily, you end up bothering your best friend's younger brother instead, of which you guys have been together for quite some time. He tries to talk about the struggles of hiding this relationship, but you instead try to prove that anything is possible... you just have to be really quiet about it.
Your boyfriend notices that all of his large hoodies keep disappearing from his closet until he comes to your house! He notices you wearing one currently and it happens to be his favorite one. He ends up getting a bit angry because these hoodies are the only clothes that hide his chubby figure. You help him realize that being chubby is what actually attracted you to him and his oversized hoodies feel so good being fucked into.
Your boyfriend was up all night on call working on his business presentation. He gets a bit heated when he realizes his relaxing day was interrupted by a movie night. All he wanted was some sleep, but you really just can't have it his way at all, can't you?
You made a slight accident by spilling your customer's order of milk tea at your new job. Luckily, your co-worker gives you a quick refresher on how to make the drinks again. Once your shift is over, he then tries to make you forget about it since you're still so tense about being new.
You already know that your guy friend gets extremely jealous pretty easily, yet this time he grows even more into insanity when he finds out that other people were flirting and staring at you a lot more often. Especially as of recently.
Letting your boyfriend be the little spoon this time has never made him happier. Of course, that's not all. He decides to let you take control, trying things that he definitely did not expect you to do.
You notice your boyfriend getting a little tense and nervous when he realizes that he'll eventually have his first time with you. Having him loosen up a bit will sure make him realize that there's nothing to worry about and that you guys should just have fun and laugh about it.
Your boyfriend has been through a lot this past month trying to study for his finals. The immense pressure has been weighing over his shoulders to the point where he can barely take it. He admits that seeing you is the only way he can feel better, and he also wants to give you something in return.
With the research paper being due within less than a week, the son is hustling to finish his work. He finds it quite exhausting to have his professor also be his dad due to the amounts of personal expectations and pressure. Once his dad finds out that he's been slacking on his paper, he unfortunately receives punishment that he never expected coming.
Your boyfriend was hesitant to agree with having you peg him. While it was quite difficult for him at the start, fortunately it seems that he eventually liked it.
As you ponder solemnly about your upcoming duties as the future queen, your guardian knight suddenly approaches your cherry picking leisure and breaks the news about his departure and going onto another kingdom to serve the new upcoming royal family. He tells you not to worry, as your ceremonial ball is taking place and requests that you should live your life as the princess first before bidding your guardian knight farewell as you become the new ruler of your own kingdom.
"Did you really think you could get away from me so easily? What was your plan, hm? What were you going to do once you got away? Pretty girl like you in such a big, unfamiliar city..."
Your best friend has left the city for a job opportunity a few years ago, and he comes back every year for a week end, to celebrate his birthday with you as an excuse to reunite. This year though, as you're both eating cheesecake after a few drinks, he has a few things to say about your relationship, how it changed, and he soon confesses that he craves what only you can give him.
Your boyfriend is annoyed that you are so focused on your psychology report on social cognition, that he decides to try and distract you from your studies. However, you start to get annoyed as well and discipline him for being such a bad boy.
Before I took an edible, I was debating whether or not it would be a good idea to make a ramblefap while I'm high. I decided to do it, so here is the end result. It was, quite a trip... literally.
You were invited for a threesome with your two best friends, and you happily obliged! Though events spiraled one after another with you ending up late, that they ended up getting impatient! Luckily for you, witnessing their performance might not necessarily be a bad thing.
Your hungry (and horny) kitty boy wakes you around noon wanting for you to play with him... Please wake up for your cat boy, Daddy, please?
It's hard to believe that in your gay friend group, only you and your other friend are still virgins. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it just so happens that you two were pre-gaming for a party you two were supposed to go to. Hopefully nothing transpires into anything from this, right?