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Iwantwomentochokeme Audio Sex Stories 19

Hey, this is my first script fill done by the lovely CvltKinq, who I appreciate very much :)) This audio I'm a brat and I get EXACTLY what I deserve ;)
Hello! Thank you for clicking on this :)) I hope you enjoy the sounds I make using my new toy. As always feedback is greatly appreciated or if you want we can dm if you wanna talk :)) Thanks for your time!
HIIII!!! I hope u enjoy this script!!! I will always take the opportunity to be a brat so I hope u all love it!!!! Made by 18+ for 18+
HIIII!!! I hope u enjoy! I very much did :)) smth about that makes me feel really vulnerable so its extra nice <33 ALSO!!! Small edit at 2:55 my audio had glitched so I switched to a new program quickly that ended up sounding... better?? But anyway don't be freaked hehe ily :)) If ur not interested in the smoking stuff or anything like that beforehand u can skip to around 1:20 in :33333
Hello!!! Thanks for listening I love you all and hope you enjoy :3 P.S there are a few edits but just bc my phone would stop recording so i had to restart it lol Made for 18+ by 18+
Hey, this is my latest audio where I smoke a little bit to start off and set the mood ;) after which of course I get to moan for all of you :))
Hey, thank you for listening! I figured I'd see if I could do an even better one seeing as my confidence usually isn't that high LMAO. In this audio, I tried as best I could but I was so close the whole time I couldn't last very long. I hope you enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated and if you wanna get to know me feel free to dm I always try my best to be nice :))
This is the successful one! I was still very nervous but I didn't freeze up this time :) sorry that its short, hope you enjoy!
My first ever Ramblefap! Well, the first try of one anyway. I figured I'd upload this one too just in case anyone wants to hear it. Sorry I had to cut this part short, I just couldn't feel my hands and feet anymore :(