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Jaanu_ Audio Sex Stories 15

Sometimes it can be hard to read the hints. Are they into you? Let's just be straightforward about what we want. Clear communication about our desires. ;)
Best friends reunite years after college to spend a summer together. Like the olden days. They're enjoying their last night at the Beach with some friends and a campfire when an unexpected thunderstorm rolls in.
We've been talking on the phone for a bit. When you mention that you want to make me feel good. So I run to close the lights and jump in bed for you. I absolutely adore being your good girl, your sub, daddy ;)
everyone needs some cuddles and reassurance after a long night of studying
where I describe all the drinks ive had and how much of a light weight I am
Description: ​​What if I was your first cup of coffee this morning? As you stir, I encourage you to focus on letting go of your thoughts and lingering dreams and just feel instead, before you surprise me by asking me to do the same. Soft relaxing morning vibes.
I was just trying to do my job and help you. Can you blame me that there was other unintended outcomes?
Context: You already told him what you felt for him before. You told him that you’d give him time to think it through and not rush whatever decision he must make. But as you wait for his reply, you realise that some things are better said than silenced. You tell him the things that make you worry, jealous, and the things you want to do with him. Despite the distance between, you want him. And this time, you’re no longer holding back. Will You Be Mine?
It's Halloween night, and you and your spouse just finished passing out candy from your new house in the neighborhood. They decide it's time to call it a night and just relax, watch some TV and talk about the night
Hello my lovely friend. I hope you enjoy this. Happy Holidays!