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Jackstock Audio Sex Stories 56

Simple enough. Nearly 2 hours of screaming, laughing, and heavy, slow vibrations. There is a lot of variation in this. Dual recordings in each ear, making this actually 200 minutes (3 hours) of moaning. Turn it on in the background. See if you can make it through the whole thing. JackDominates.com
You are constantly being bullied by someone at school, and he has chosen to video call you to make you look at his dick while he makes fun of you. You'd better do it too, or he is going to be very angry tomorrow. You do not want to make this guy angry. He might go even further than the usual of punching you, calling you names, stuffing you in lockers, and give you wedgies. Degradation/Humiliation Big dick Bullying Noncon fantasy Jock Narcissism Gay Blowjob Straight to Gay
I have invited you over to meet at my house to discuss a promotion within our company. Honestly quite a mild and sleepy experience, but it will melt your body and melt your brain. This is long and deep, and you might go unconscious while you listen. But you don't have to. You may even fall asleep. No right or wrong way to do it, everyone responds differently. Either way, you will end up feeling quite good. JackDominates.
"Back in high school, when someone left their phone unattended, my friends used to fuck with it pretty much every time. I, for example, always liked changing the language. So I was thinking, what if we did that, but we did nice things for people instead? This script is the result of that speculation. A guy finds his gay friend's phone and leaves him a little message. Ring Ring Ring Bananaphone--Where Banana Means Penis There should be a bit of hesitance and slight embarrassment at the beginning. That fades away a the speaker gets more comfortable and eventually, turned on."
Your body is completely controlled, you are ordered to become naked, and then your arms are replaced with robot arms. All of your muscles are under My hypnotic control, especially your new robot arms, which forcibly milk you using a vibrator and collect your fluids, forcing you to lick your own fluids off those hands. You are not worthy as a human. You are only worthy of being used. Tags: Degradation, humiliation, CEI, JOI JackDominates.com
Kaa soothes them to sleep several times, and every time, the listener is changed into something Kaa wants them to be. They lose memories, they start to want to stay in the forest with Kaa as their protector. "A script for something all but explicitly erotic involving a giant talking snake. In it, he invites you to stay with him for a while. Includes very patronising language, but this is to emphasise the power imbalance, not to imply a child listener. The point is that the listener is an adult man being treated as a smaller, weaker creature, and this is explicitly said in the text. Also contains nudity, implied approaching vore, being wrapped up, hypnosis, squeeze play, brainwashing, dialogue lifted from a bunch of adaptations of the Jungle Book. As above, the listener is stated to be an adult, so I don't think the tag is needed. As I understand from the rules, posts involving intelligent, talking fantasy animals doesn't need the tag. I hope it's okay for me to post this without those tags! Please tell me if I've misinterpreted." written by u/berserkerblancmange and performed by u/transformhypnosis from JackDominates.com
You can only orgasm when you have your hole filled. This file features objectification but not degradation. The phrase "relax and accept it" makes your hole open so that it can be filled by a top. You will be called by "pup" or "good boy" (this was a custom file, so that's why some of these things are so specific).
I go into extreme details describing exactly how I am going to turn you into prey. This is a combination of smooth and calming, yet frightening. You are being savored as prey. You will be used as a bareback object. You are caught in a Kaa-like sort of mesmerizing gaze. You are encouraged to open yourself up to becoming prey for someone. This video was filmed on my new professional camera setup. Still dialing in the complexities of it, but the quality is already looking much better!

Prepare yourself to meet guys with big dicks. Stretch your hole bigger, then wear a butt plug after you play to keep your hole open. Love the smell of your sweaty pits. Seek out and meet guys with big dicks. Visit adult video stores for cock. Become a submissive hung cockslut. Stay horny all the time and shoot huge loads.
Have you ever wanted to be a little one like a child, being comforted by your Daddy? Well now you can experience that. Perfect for aftercare, or a great nightcap. If this is your thing, it will knock you out. This is a very deep, blissful, caring, and spiritual experience. Suitable for any gender. Find more at JackDominates.com
A submissive training session for gay submissive men. I'm going to extend your limits, making you more comfortable with deeper and harder kinks and fetishes. Open up a little. JackDominates.com
In a secret lab, brain-altering technologies are being researched. Subject #300, whom they have named "Tyler", had an over-reaction to the stimulus. It seems some subjects have varied reactions depending on their psychology before entering the tests. In this case, the effects were too strong, and caused unintended consequences. This excellent case study helps train new handlers how to handle such a situation.