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Jqzyfun Audio Sex Stories 15

Once again, we have a script that I saw and couldn't pass up (this time by the wonderful u/sw33tdr33ms). This being my third audio, it is also by far the longest I've done so far (19m), so its also a little bit of a learning experience for me -- so please give me some honest feedback (kindly, I'm still new lol) so I can learn and improve in the future. I'm a bit of a perfectionist with this sort of thing, so I hear many issues in it, but that could be just me. Also, I'm starting to look into some different genres a bit and expand a little, so if anyone has suggestions please let me know. For example, I really (really really) want to do a JOI, like really. So please let me know what types of things might be good. My last post got waaay more interaction than I would've ever expected, so thank you so much for that, hopefully this one is as good!
This was actually one of the first scripts I saw when I started looking around, considering if I wanted to start recording audios, and this is also probably one of the two or three that convinced me to actually do it. So, days later, here we are with the fill. It is soooo good, and I really hope it lives up to expectations/does the script as it deserves. As always, thank you so incredibly much for listening and all the comments that are left -- seeing that interaction from you is such a motivation to keep doing some of these, so they're all highly appreciated.
I'm back! I had a slight issue initially with my last post recently that I think made a lot of people not see it when it was posted (should be there now), but hopefully we're all clear for this one! I found this script and after reading it, realized it was an instant fill for me. I sincerely hope you enjoy listening to it, and let me know if this type of thing is suited for me or if I should maybe consider skipping past these types of things if you think they don't fit me quite as well.
Amazing script from u/Upper_Scallion3990 that I had to fill when I read it. With this being my second ever audio, I'm trying to step up the production quality a little bit, but I know there's much more room to grow, so hopefully this does enough for this script! Can't wait to hear your thoughts and maybe even do some more of these things?
We find ourselves at a party, I see how your coworkers are looking at you, and it's exactly how I'm trying to NOT look at you. But then again, maybe you want me to... This script is one of those I've meant to do and hadn't yet, so hopefully it's one you'd want to hear. Also, as a very random side note, somehow I was still getting some followers even though I hadn't posted in forever, so thank you to my new followers for being amazing. Here are the tags for this audio: turns into some with
I came across this script and thought it was too much fun to pass on. As always, I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to let me know what you thought so I know what types of things you'd like to hear in the future! To be completely honest, my last post did WAY better than I would've ever thought, which means the world to me, so a massive thank you to everyone who listened and supported that post. I hope to be able to deliver what you want to hear in the future!
Okay so I'm a little nervous about this one in particular because, I'm just gonna say it -- this is a fucking amazing script and I'm just hoping this fill works enough because...yeah it's good. So. Sit back, relax, listen in and...maybe you'll feel some things...
This audio (script by the amazing u/Sly-Raconteur) is about man describing his devotion and need to worship a woman using philosophical references. You know, as one does. Please be kind as this is my first ever attempt at an audio, after being a multi-year lurker, and I know there's a ton for me to do better, so trust me if I think I can handle posting any more in the future, I'll try to make them always better than the last. Aaa nervous!
After a bit of a break, I'm happy to say I'm *finally* back with a new audio here which was extremely up my alley and I knew I had to do it as soon as I read it. Major thank you to the author for writing this amazing script, and I just hope that some of you have a good time with it.
Okayokayokay so I came across this script by my literal favorite person to listen to on this subreddit, u/redhairedmilf, and I've been wanting to do a JOI so much that it wasn't an option to *not* do hers. Of course I don't know if she'd ever listen to this, or like this performance of it, but if she does hear it, all I can say is holy shit. Anyway, I hope you all love listening to this and have an amazing few minutes with it. In fact, if it "works" and there's any cumming that happens with this, please let me know because that would make my year. It's been just over a week since I made and posted my very first audio, so I'm still hoping to improve as we go, so please let me know where I can do better and I'll try to implement it in the future. I'm also thinking of writing my own script sometime soon, but that's also pretty daunting, so we'll see...
Turns out it's been some time since I posted something here. Some of you messaged me about posting again, and if you did, make sure you stick to the end of this because there's something I'd like you to hear (the real end). This is definitely a different style of script from what I usually do, but I figured I'd give it a shot to see if it's the sort of thing anyone wants to hear as I get back into the swing of things. Let me know! I appreciate you all and hope you enjoy this piece of me.
Hey GWA, it's been a minute hasn't it? I'm so happy that I decided to take a look again at some script offers recently because this one kinda screamed right at me that I needed to give it a go. Hopefully you enjoy it! As always, please let me know what you think since, after all, I did have to shake off some rust to put this one together.
I'm back with something a little more...assertive than my usual. I recently came across an excellent audio I listened to myself that really inspired me to give this type of thing an attempt. I hope you find it enjoyable and if anyone has any good experiences with it... please share, as that would absolutely make my day. Thank you for listening, and I hope to have some more of my usual type of audio coming back soon!