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Jupiter_june Audio Sex Stories 37

After a long day at work, you finally come home and find me waiting for you...desperate for you. Your kisses, your touches, just you...and also your cock. After some heavy make out in the hallway, we get to the bedroom and you bend me over the bed and have your way with me. Good girls deserve cock after all, dont they?
I'm a poor little kitten and my heat started just a few hours ago...because of my whining and screams for someone to break my heat, someone must have called the animal control team. And now you, a perfectly virile Alpha, stands in front of me and I can't help myself but beg you to fuck me, breed me, claim me as yours and take me home instead of bringing me to the pound. Please, Alpha, please break this heat!
The weather is getting colder and as everyone knows a boyfriend's hoodie is way cozier and warmer than your own ones. One day, you come home to me cooking us a nice meal, wearing nothing but your hoodie. It's not my fault that you came into the kitchen at the very moment I leant over to get something out of the oven. Totally not planned... I'm just lucky I'm cute, aren't I?
You come home and catch me still working, even though it's already quite late. Tempting me with kisses, I give in and straddle your lap and start grinding against you. You remember, right? Today is a risky day, you can't cum inside of me!...Good thing this is just a fantasy of ours...Cum away, baby!
Happy Candygram! We are King and now Queen to a wonderful kingdom, it's my coronation day. We finally arrive in our bedroom and stand on the balcony overlooking our gardens, and you start kissing down my neck. Slowly but surely, there is a heat building up, and you get me out of my beautiful dress. Making love is not exactly on your mind, and you tie my wrists to the bedposts and put a blindfold on me. When I feel you untying them, you turn me around and...fuck me like a whore (gasp, hehe).
I come over to visit you and find you hiding in your family's shed...what the heck are you doing here, baby? Now, come on, you don't need to hide anything from me...Is it some weird werewolf stuff? Huh? You are in rut? Can I help you through that? I promise: You won't gonna break me...but you can try, heh