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Katarina93 Audio Sex Stories 12

You Put the radio Turned so loud before I tell you not too loud cus the Neighbor's Next Door . And Calling me bitch but it's time to apologize But you thought you wanted to do something different and make me So hot Spot.
This Is My Audio Ive Upload For The Past October 2018 Cuz I Was Really Embarresing Over My Two Sex Toy That I used Is A Mini Vibrator & Big Silicone CXXX Well You Know What. LOL Enjoy
My darling When you feel boring. It is in the night and I am very tired if you ask me please I want to fuck you. and then I thought, okay sweetheart I want you to fuck me fast you make me fire (Night) (Not Now) (Fingering) (Begging) (Wet) (Kissing) (Cunnilingus) (Missionary) (Moaning) (Pounding) (Ball Slapping) (Cum In My Throat) (Cuddling)
My baby. I see you have a lot of stress on work, you lie in the 8 o'clock in the morning and you did not want. But do not worry if you do not do anything then I'll do that on my top on you. (Comfort) (Blow Job) (Riding) (Grinding) (Bed Percussion) (Moaning) (Cum Shot)
Parody written & recorded by Katarina DISCLAIMER: Katarina does not own the rights to original song, "Swish Swish" by Katy Perry Feat. Nicki Minaj. Parody is intended for entertainment purposes.