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Kay_to_the_tee Audio Sex Stories 18

Script Fill for Loli Maid. Only recorded a bit of the script since it is pretty long.
Fucking your shapeshifting boyfriend I “*Your boyfriend had just revealed to you that he's a shapeshifter, and the next day while the two of you are shopping together for a new dress,* (https://pastebin.com/6xnkuDBZ)*. You're not the type to have sex in public – ever – but it's too easy to get swept up in the experience and almost get caught in the act... of fucking yourself in the fitting room.* Hope you enjoy “ Script by supernatural_writing
I'm in a recording mood tonight. So sorry I was late for dinner and missed it because work has me tied up. I'll make it up to you, tonight. I'm yours to use, baby. Let me lick your pussy till you cum.
This is a teaser. My first time adventuring in this and I find it rather fun tbh. :) #oral #f4m #pleaser #blowjobs #teaser

You've been involved in a phone-only relationship with your professor for almost three months now, and there's just one month left before you can start doing things in person. They've just sent you another addition to the remote-control toys they like to use on you: remote control handcuffs, so you can be bound as they tease you with all of their vibrating toys. Links to other works and fills in the Psychology 473 series are available from the series master post.