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Kizkit Audio Sex Stories 33

Your kid sister had a bad dream and asked to sleep with you tonight... shame that you're the one who's going to experience night terrors from now on... Sexually explicit as usual. Also, ASMR!
The tender, loving embrace of a kitsune mistress and her human male pet. Sexually explicit.
A cute girl has her online crush over for a visit, gets caught out in the rain, then the two wash each other off in a hot tub. From there, well... the hot tub's not the only thing that gets hot. From a shower to a bath to another "shower" of sorts and a tongue bath, there's some real fun to be had with getting yourself intentionally dirty, then cleaning up again. <3 This was a commissioned piece, though I don't think I'll be taking any others in the future, more of a test to see the workload involved. Conclusion: waaay more effort than it's worth! But the end result really is pretty amazing! Also, this is the very first new smexy audio I've done with my brand new studio mic and audio setup! Now you can hear that smexyness in crystal clear audio! Oh, and sexually explicit as usual.
You were looking into your little sister's diary without her permission, weren't you? Whelp... there may be consequences for that. Sexually explicit to immense amounts as usual.
A catgirl pounces her mistress when she gets home, and reveals a rather... big secret. WARNING: Highly explicit sexual content.
Big brother's girlfriend shows up when he's not home, and his little sister lets her in for some coffee... and then absolutely dominates her, finishing up with impregnating the older woman on her big brother's bed while he watches in shock. Tons of kinks, and some really rough sex. The chances are this's going to offend virtually everyone other than me, so you've been warned.
So you're not into lesbian stuff, but you might be okay if she wears a strapon? Well you're in luck! She TOTALLY has a strapon! ...One which seems eerily realistic... and huge... nah, don't worry about it! It's fine! - Sexually explicit as usual. =P
Kizkit tells a story! ...Yeah, so you know where that's going. Yeeep. Sexually explicit.
A lil session where I speak about myself some and let you get to know me a lil bit better. ...You probably don't care about that part though, so I also talk about my cock and masturbate until I cum. So there's that, too.
A warrior shows up to slay the evil sorceress, only to get more than she bargained for. Or uhm... less. Depends on how you look at it. Sexually explicit as usual, yay.
A woman takes her little sister out to eat at a five star restaurant for her 18th birthday, only to find her "little" sister isn't... exactly "little" any longer. Sexually explicit as hell, as usual. =P
Maybe you shouldn't string on a hyena girl like that... especially if you didn't know about hyena girls and their uh... "special" anatomy. As usual, overtly sexual and kinky as hell. Don't like? Don't click!
A mother tells an... interesting bedtime story to her child. Very sexual in nature, with a lot of rather kinky stuff so... listen at your own risk.
You're walking in the woods, there's no one around, and your phone is dead. Out of the corner of your eye you spot her - a massively hung futa elf. Maybe you would've been better off running into a cannibal after all. Sexually explicit as usual. =P
The second Girl Behind The Microphone episode is a little less realistic in the sense that I talk about what I'd like to do to you, the listener, even if it may not uhm... fit fully... don't worry, we'll find a way to MAKE it fit... <3
You wake up groggily, strapped to a table, and your hostess appears to be a mad scientist. Well, your day was going great right up until about the time the chloroform kicked in. Have "fun" being her next test subject. As always, sexually explicit as fuck.
The first in what's intended to be a series of several audio recordings centered around the character Caera, a hyenataur who's just getting into being a camgirl. Do I really need to mention it's sexually explicit at this point any longer?