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Kumbombva Audio Sex Stories 31

You sneak over to your tomboy childhood best friend's dorm in the middle of the night, ready to confess your love for her. Luckily, she feels exactly the same, but she's embarrassed to tell you that she's a virgin. She was holding on for you to finally make your move. She wants you tonight, It's time to give her what she's been dreaming about for years. Audio Edit: Myself (KumBomb) Script: Myself (KumBomb)
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Here is a 17:49 min long halloween collab between me and 2 other lovely ladies! Please go follow everyone involved in this project. We all worked really hard to bring you a SPOOKY treat this year. KINKS: -Monster girls -Blowjob -Fantasy Creatures -Foursome -Party Sex -Minor Breeding Talk Slimey the Slime Girl: LadyElise Winnie the Werewolf: KumBomb (Me) Bathory the Vampire: IvyWilde Script: RainbowBloodUnicorn (Mixing/Editor: Kumbomb (Me) and Devilbird) ALL SOUND EFFECTS HAVE BEEN GATHERED FROM FREE TO USE LIBRARIES AND OR BOUGHT ON POND5 FOR PROFESSIONAL USAGE. ALL VISUAL AND SCRIPTED MEDIA IN THIS HAS BEEN LAWFULLY OBTAINED BY COMMISSIONS OR FREE USAGE. SONG CREDITS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7We0kdAgWTo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jH0IoxJSRRA&ab_channel=FreeSongsForYou https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvU7IgXtE5w&ab_channel=NoCopyrightWorldwideSounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58-VotOLbv4&ab_channel=NoCopyrightWorldwideSounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaQyxEQ2fxo&ab_channel=MFG
Do you like Yanderes? Well, here's my first ever Yandere audio for your listening pleasure. You wake up in your bedroom, tied up, with your college classmate sitting ontop of you. She confronts you about liking the new girl in class... And makes sure you know, you belong to her. By forcing you to to make her the mother of your kids...by impregnating her. TAGS: - Yandere - Femdom - Non Con - Kidnapping - BDSM - Impregnation - Sensual - BJ/ Deepthroating - Riding SFX Sounds - @BoshidoBlasta's Plap Pack
You attend a new years party at your neighbors, whose wife has had your eye for a bit. She's the stereotypical plump, sultry and horny house wife. While everyone is having their fun, drinking, drunk out of their minds, you get down to business. With her husband passed out drunk across from you...she takes what she's been craving for so long. Audio Edited by: u/BoshidoBlasta Script done by: u/JazSpense
During her mating season, a young werewolf girl roams the woods, her senses heightened, seeking a suitable mate. Desperate to avoid the prying eyes of humans, she prowls in the shadows until her attention is captured by an alluring subject. Succumbing to her primal urges, she pounces on him, driven by untamed desire, unaware... he's a human! Script: Myself (KumBomb)
Your wife uses your work laptop the night before your big meeting after you went to sleep. You wake up and go to your meeting, You conduct your presentation only to be met with the sounds of moans from intense pregnancy kink videos. Horribly embarrassing you and getting you in trouble with work, you head your way home to confront your wife on what you saw. Script: MrDemoNSFW Idea: Bright_IRL SFX Sounds: BoshidoBlasta's Plap Pack & My own sound effects
It's Easter Sunday, after being gone away on business, it's good to finally go back to church. While away...You haven't been able to cum ONCE... For weeks, you've been holding buckets in. But, good news for you, a certain nun has been missing you while you've been away on your business trips. She can't seem to contain herself around you...of course, being deprived of your cock for so long. Who can blame her? Not even God can stop her now... She needs, you. Right. Now. Audio Edited by: Me Script done by: u/PhoenixEroAudio
Happy Valentines Day to you adorable people. I've got a special "Soft GF wants to make love" seasonal themed audio. This is also apart of my 15k special for twitter. If you're a sap or a hopeless romantic, this audio is definitely for you. Enjoy <3 KINKS: Wholesome Chocolate Play Orgasming Together Vanilla Nipple Play Lovemaking Creampie Script: MrDemo (Mixing/Editor: Kumbomb (Me) and Devilbird) SONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSsEslsuFJI ALL SOUND EFFECTS HAVE BEEN GATHERED FROM FREE TO USE LIBRARIES AND OR BOUGHT ON POND5 FOR PROFESSIONAL USAGE. ALL VISUAL AND SCRIPTED MEDIA IN THIS HAS BEEN LAWFULLY OBTAINED BY COMMISSIONS OR FREE USAGE.
You're an assistant now to that nurse Lamia who rescued you way back when. An elder Lamia tries to steal you away from her... and she doesn't go down without a "fight" for you. She shows dominance that she's never shown before to show up the elder lamia. Making you drink a potion to make your member monstrous, she takes ahold of you and shows her who you belong to... Duration: 9:15 ♥~*~*~*~♥~*~*~*~♥ All the characters are aged 18+ and all interactions in this audio are consensual.
Description: You are an animal control handler and captured this raccoon girl scouring in someone's back yard. She's busty, and a total babe. She begs you to let her out, and that she'll do ANYTHING for you. You ask her for sex, but what you don't know is, it's her mating season. She was wanting and planning that all long... And now, you're her little breeding fuck toy. ♥~*~*~*~♥~*~*~*~♥ Duration: 5:30 Script was done by MYSELF and audio edit was done by BoshidoBlasta All the characters are aged 18+ and all interactions in this audio are consensual.
You're an newbie outlaw apart of one of the most infamous gangs in the city of Thornwood. Your gang's rival leader captures you for ransom during one of your running jobs. She gives you the choice to be a good for nothin' prisoner, or to be put to some use as her personal permeant "pony ride." The choice is yours, partner. Duration: 11:17 Audio Edited by: @BoshidoBlasta Script done by: Myself Art done by: @DarkSheepNSFW
Your best friend invited you to his key party that he's hosting with his bombshell wife. At the key drawing, his wife pulls YOUR keys from the bowl. Holy shit, you're fucking your best friends wife! The sex is incredible, and she ends up....falling for you? Oh boy! Duration: 10:09 ♥~*~*~*~♥~*~*~*~♥ Script was done by @Mescc Audio Edited by @BoshidoBlasta All the characters are aged 18+ and all interactions in this audio are consensual.
You have an appointment with your personal trainer after hours at the gym she owns and runs. You have your usual session, but noticing she's looking at you differently than usual. You learn she just got out of her long term relationship and is really craving a "dick workout." from you. You both decide to have sex right there on the gym floor. Eventually fucking on the open windows of the facility for anyone to see... Audio Edited by: @BoshidoBlasta Script done by: @MrDemoNSFW
Hi pookies!! God I love doing monster fucker stories... you're in for a treat. ---------------------------------------------- A ditzy scientist is working with her assistant on the ultimate aphrodisiac for men to help with reproduction/stamina across the world. During her revised experiment, something goes horribly wrong. An explosion happens, casing vapors of the coaction to spread across the room... The assistant is transformed into a feral sexually motivated beast. The scientist is caught in his grasp, Oh what horrible things he will do to her... ---------------------------------------------- Audio Edited by: Myself Script done by: Myself
This southern belle has wanted to be a porn star since she was 18, she got recommended to an agency by her friend but... this isn't what it seems. She signs the dotted line thinking she's going to be the porn industries next star! But.... she signed up to be public reliever! DURATION: 10:47 TAGS: - CORRUPTION - SOUTHERN BELLE - ANAL - CUNNLINGUS - RISKY SEX - PUBLIC USE - ORAL CREAMPIE - CREAMPIE - BDSM Audio Edit: BoshidoBlasta Script: Myself
An escaped convict ends up breaking into your home to look for shelter. She has nothing on her but her uniform. She asks you to keep her hidden in your place, you oblige but.... of course, for a price. It's up to you whether you turn her in or not, depending on her performance. Duration: 13:09 ---------------------------------------------- Kinks: - Convict/Taboo - Dubcon - Creampies - Handjob - Powerplay - Anal - Doggy Style - Sloppy BJ's - Oral Creampie - Wet Sounds ---------------------------------------------- Audio Edited by: @BoshidoBlasta Script done by: @MrDemoNSFW
This is Part 1 of a Lamia Audio series I am working on~ Take a gander! ♥~*~*~*~♥~*~*~*~♥ You collapsed in the middle of the desert, a lamia on her way back to her village spots you, and nurses you back to health at a nearby oasis. You awake to notice her huge bust in your face, you are startled, but she assures you everything will be alright... She promptly has you drink a healing potion, that has great side effects to your libido and member... You cannot help yourself but take her, and lucky for you, it's mating season for her species~ Duration: 8:05 ♥~*~*~*~♥~*~*~*~♥ Audio Edit: BoshidoBlasta Script: Myself All the characters are aged 18+ and all interactions in this audio are consensual.