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Lemonkynn Audio Sex Stories 20

The mother had just found out that her son is being bullied at school and is keeping it a secret from her. After days of spying her own son, she then finally finds the school bully. She then decides to call the bully over to "talk" while her son and her husband busy out. After talking, things get escalated for the worst.
You come home from work early and find your maid in a very revealing outfit. Delighted to see you, she does everything she can to make sure you are comfortable. Oh, and she successfully seduces you too.
A bitchy queen bee decides to bully a nerd for having a small penis, only to find out he doesn't.
A party of adventurers make their way through a dangerous dungeon, dispatching each foe they meet with relative ease. The frontline warrior of the group, known in some circles as a "tank", eventually gets bored and decides to up the stakes in her own way. Before long, the tank's hubris nets her much more than she bargained for...
Your hot roommate comes home after a night out in her slutty outfit. She decides to tease you and get naughty for a bit, but boundaries were not set and things take a turn for the darker side. Sometimes you need to be careful what you wish for...
You are an experienced monster hunter and you hear distressed sounds from outside. You investigate and find a kitsune stuck in the trap you set for monster girls. You are struck by her beauty and you free her instead of killing her. She rewards you by coming to your home and becoming your lover.
An obsessed, crazy Yandere who's infatuated with the you. She followed you for weeks, watched you live your life, and now, after much waiting, she drugged you, tied you to bed, and stripped you naked. She'll do anything to make you hers... anything.
I want you to kiss me. Kiss me again like you just did a moment ago. * It’s just… I kinda liked it. How you just… grabbed me by my waist and pulled me in. I… just never pictured you doing that. Being so… aggressive. It.... made my heart flutter a little. Oh god, I’m blushing… * I just mean, you always act so professionally here in the lab. I know it’s our job, that I’m your assistant and we can’t just act casual around all this expensive equipment, but sometimes you won’t even talk to me if it’s not about our experiments. You’re just… so interesting to me. I wish I could peer inside your head sometimes, just to know what’s really going on in your mind. I think about you all the time. You’re the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep, and the first thing on my mind when I wake up. Whenever I see you, it’s like the whole world just fades away. I… wanna be more than just your assistant, Doctor.
Your wife's sister comes over to borrow some chairs. After a chat she reveals that she has not had sex with her partner for 5 years! One thing leads to another and you are making her cum for the first time in her life... followed by mind blowing sex which she has never experienced before.
After your Dad's marriage to your now step-mom, in which you gained a sister. Initially hoping to be on good terms with her, she however was always cold towards you. Recently however in seems like she is teasing you around the house and you've taken the bait. After you meet her on your way to the shower one evening, with her wearing her very tight bike shorts that she always wears. She knows that she got you hooked. The following day while your parents are out of the house, after some teasing passion ensues, her cold demeanor soon warms to your touch.
Your girlfriend is perfect - Innocent, pure, put-together. But... you've resigned yourself to the fact that your sex life would be vanilla. Not that there's anything wrong with that, she's hot as fuck - it's just that you wouldn't be able to try anything spicy. Until one day on a walk, your girlfriend points... to a girl being controlled by a guy with a remote vibrator..? Did that spark her curiosity? One can only hope...
You just found out that due to budget cuts, you have to fire your lovely receptionist. It’ll be hard, as she’s been a loyal employee and you like her a lot, but it must be done. When you sit down with her to tell her the bad news, though, she makes it clear that she's not going down without a fight. Well, she is going down...just...not like that. Whatever you do, don’t let her change your mind. You know she can be very persuasive when she wants to be. She might bat those pretty eyes at you and beg for her job back, but stick to your guns and you’ll be fine.
After your recent first experience with sex toys, a whole new world of filthy thoughts have filled your head. One thing you always fantasized about was being a little risqué and having phone sex while you’re both at the office. Armed with some newly bought remote toys and an open mind you both decide to give it a try.
Summary: You have a wonderful brother. Really, absolutely perfect in every way. You've loved him since the day you were born. He's your entire world, you can't imagine life without him, and you know he feels the same way about you. You love him so completely and totally, in fact... That it's grown a bit... warped. This is a work that's deeply, purely romantic, and at the same time raw and ugly and deeply wrong. You both understand exactly how wrong, but you can't bring yourselves to stop. I hope you enjoy.