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Lewdkawaii Audio Sex Stories 16

Lily is the definition of a model student: intelligent, student body president, librarian's assistant, and even a tutor in her free time. She's the typical nerdy girl, glasses and all, although she's by no means unattractive, especially in regards to her body. You can't help but stare at her curves every time you run into her, but you know she's innocent and would never do anything lewd. Until she shows you that she isn't only educated about books.
Your wife is pregnant and having a difficult time getting back to sleep. When her hormones get the best of her, she decides that maybe having a bit of fun with you while you're sleeping will help her go back to sleep. She doesn't expect you to wake up, though. Script by u/ddp_newfrost
With your busy and boring life, you decide it's time to bring new additions into your family to brighten things up, so you adopt two catgirls named Hana and Kana. It seems to be going okay intially, but then things quickly turn spicy when going into heat gets involved.
It's another rainy day, and what better way to spend it than playing a bunch of games indoors? You and your girlfriend are both gamers, although she tends to get a bit TOO invested and angry in her games. You told her before you would punish her if she raged again, but she must not have taken it seriously. Now you just HAVE to let her know what happens when.she doesn't listen.
An obsessed classmate decides to kidnap you and take you to her house, claiming herself as your girlfriend. But wait, when did you start dating her?
Despite being sick, you attempt to go to the market, only to succumb to your illness and pass out right after running into a girl asking for directions. You wake up in her bed, being taken care of by her. But, she's definitely not a human girl.
After what happened, things are a bit odd between you both. But that doesn't stop your best friend from telling you how she really feels about you. | Song: https://open.spotify.com/album/2j4GT5NmU8Kgfk95aPqkrd?si=z8D6aDlETcmtO1K2gAmtRA&utm_source=copy-link