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Lewdladylily Audio Sex Stories 12

I am punished by my owner again. This time I am made to kneel on rice with my nipple clamps on naked, deepthroating a dildo until I gag over and over. The dildo is 8 inches long and about 1.7 in diameter, this is the typical dildo I practice on. I had to keep it in my throat for a total of 3 minutes, plus 5 seconds for each attempt I made. I spent about 4 minutes out of the 8 with the dildo buried in my throat.
Audio recording of myself (Lily, F, 32) in predicament self bondage under orders from my owner. I was naked, arms cuffed behind my back, ring gag in my mouth, and my nipple clamps were on and anchored to the wall high enough up that I had to stand on my toes. If I went flat footed they would pull very hard on my nipples, which was inevitable as my legs would get tired. To make the task more difficult I was required to have my e-stim unit shocking my calves. I stayed in the predicament about 13 minutes and 30 seconds. The audio is 15:07. Breakdown: 0:40 - I can say for sure that by this point the predicament has begun and I am up on my toes. I spend 7 minutes fighting my legs getting more and more tired. 7:42 - The first time I am forced to go flat footed. You can hear my whines of pain. 8:37 - I get back up on my toes. I repeat this process several times over the next 6 minutes or so 14:01 - I give up and start attempting to free myself. The clicking of metal here is me struggling to unbuckle my wrist restraints. 14:15 - I take off the clamps. This is always extremely painful. Where the predicament ends. The rest of the audio is me recovering, removing restraints and my gag, and then before turning off the recorder before informing my owner how long I was able to stay in the predicament. My goal was 15 minutes. Because I failed my orgasm ban has been extended for an amount of time that my owner has not told me. My current record between orgasms (not counting ruins or hypnosis induced, no touch orgasms) is 19 days. I am currently on day 4 following hypnosis induced orgasms, 13 since an orgasm was allowed with my vibrator.
My owner has decided it is unacceptable that I am unable to wear stiletto heels out and has set to training me to use them. In order to practice my balance and build endurance I was placed in a predicament. I was stripped naked, put in my heels, my hands bound behind my back, a ring gag put in my mouth, and I was anchored to the wall with clover clamps. To make the predicament more interesting shock pads were put on my calves for the duration. I had to balance and hold as still as I could or the clamps pulled painfully hard.
My owner had me edge myself and play with my vibrator while under a dronification suggestion. I am not allowed to cum. My voice only, my owner does not want her voice put out there.
My owner and her friend torture me with nipple clamps, stress bondage, and breath play for their amusement. My voice only. In depth description and file download here: https://lewdladylily.tumblr.com/post/646731228081422336/earlier-tonight-mistress-raven-and-a-friend-the
I was made to use rubber bands to torture my feet and cane my own breasts. Owner gagged me and deliberately made me talk a lot even though she knows it is super, super humiliating for me, or honestly probably because of that :) As ordered, this audio only has my side. My owner does not want her voice posted.
Anal training with a large dildo, 8 inches long about 1.8 inches girth. 5 minute of penetration and fucking my ass, then I edge for 1 minute while sitting on the dildo fully buried in my ass. Repeat 4 times. There is some dead air as I am trying to get into a good position, it is quite awkward using a dildo this large on yourself. Overall this is easier than the training with my plug, being less overstimulating and the dildo is easier to take than the plug. The one major exception is taking it fully in, it gets a bit uncomfortable that deep. I feel like this training helped me learn how to relax right to take it real deep like that though and when it is that deep and fits right it feels so nice. Makes me want to sit on the dildo while at my computer sometime. Maybe when I'm writing.
Ordered by my owner to snap my feet with rubber bands and cane my own breasts. I have not reviewed this audio except to ensure my owner's voice is not included. This contains only my half of the exchange, including my whimpers and screams.
Naked, collar, ring gag, nipple clamps on. I do 4 cycles of: 1. Anal training by fucking myself rough with my large, textured plug. 2. Edge for 1 minute 3. Cane my tits, 10 times each side. I managed to fit the plug in completely halfway through the first cycle of anal training. After that I regularly pushed it all the way in and pulled it out as rough as possible, some of my more extreme reactions are to me pulling it out fast. I also pushed the plug fully in for the edging and cane for each cycle. The cane hurt bad and made the clamps very painful, but the edging might have been the worst of the whole task. I was so fucking desperate to cum I wanted to cry. I couldn't even beg mistress to allow it, so unfair *pouts*.
Mistress found out I can't take my largest plugs anymore and is having me do anal training. Tonight I fucked myself with my favorite plug, it is heavily textured and ridged, so it causes a lot of sensation when it goes in and out. Roughly and quickly fucking myself with it was very intense. I was also wearing a ring gag and nipple clamps. I was told 5 minutes of training then I could take a break with an edge, then another 5 minutes and repeat. I did 2 full 5 minutes and 4 more minutes before tapping out. I only started recording after the first 5 minutes was done.
Mistress tortures me with rubber bands on my feet until I am breaking down and crying. I am also made to use my vibrator and edge in between the pain. There is a good amount of dead air as I was communicating with Mistress through text.