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Lewdlexi Audio Sex Stories 129

"Good evening, my name is Rel, I'll be your attendant for tonight's milking. I see you've already been bound and prepared - let's get you started so we can get all that delicious cum out of you.I'm going to turn your milker on, just relax and let it happen. There's nothing you can do to resist - your balls WILL be fully drained, but if you give in then you'll at least get to enjoy it."
I see the attendants have already prepared you - arms and legs fully bound, an erect cock trapped inside the milker's lubricated sleeve...did you get hard staring at the attendants' naked bodies? Or did one of them have to stroke you to hardness? It doesn't matter~ your erection is ready to be used, and you can't do a single thing to stop it.
Well now, it looks like the big guy is waking up after all! I think that all this talk about your slutty little stepdaughter is getting your motor revving! Oh come on, admit it! It's perfectly normal and natural for a guy to want his daughter. Here, let me stroke that big cock of yours while we talk about her some more... ...Oh! Hi Madison! Mommy and Daddy were just having some special time together! Why was he shouting your name? Maybe you should ask him!
You told your dad that you're not ok with the way your step mom is dressing around the house. Usually you can see her pussy when she bends over, and her transparent shirts expose her nipples to you cause she's not wearing any bra nor panties. She confronts you about that and quickly figures out that really you're just jealous of your dad, and she's being a huge tease because you want to fuck her.
You are a human with a contract with your best buddy, a Succubus (me.) We use each other to get off until we both find something serious. Last night we had a sex-a-thon. The next day, you went to get breakfast and you find out she has a womb tattoo. And it's one that only forms when there is love between a Succubus and her mate.
Ugh, fine - hurry up and get it over with, I'm going to shower with the curtain open. I'm not going to look at you or talk to you, I'm going to shower and pretend you're not there jerking off to me. Have your little fap session, blow your little load and leave me alone. ...You are un-fucking-believeable, you know that? What is it gonna take for you to leave me alone? You want me to jerk you off? Yeah, sure, at this point, fuck it. Whatever gets you to leave me alone. I'm going to give your cock ten pumps. Not one more. Cum as much as you want in those ten pumps, and then you're out of here and I don't want to see you for the rest of the day. You promise? ...sigh, like that's worth anything. Whatever, let's get this over with.
My sister was acting differently ever since she started dating you. Dressing sluttier, blowing off school work, missing field hockey practice. I was worried you'd got her hooked on drugs. I decide to drop by her boyfriend's house and demand to know what the hell had been going on. Turns out the answer is much simpler...
Your big sister is annoyed after another date turned out to be a mistake. She didn't get laid, and she is sexually frustrated. You offer to satisfy her tonight, but she tries to laugh it off and says it's gross cause you're her brother. But then she starts considering it.. and eventually you two go to her room, so that you can show her that you really can and know how to take care of her.
You're a totally oblivious guy, and over the past year you've become close friends with your tomboy buddy. Last time she was over she spent the night in your bed, and in your sleep you rolled over and cuddled her. She's just a friend though, and you like seeing her as one of the guys. Not wanting to make things weird, you ask her to sleep on the couch this time. She does not like that suggestion, and it sets her off into a yandere meltdown as her years of pent up denied sex drive release all at once and she refuses to be ignored any longer.
Sexy girl teases her co-worker on vacation, saying no but keeps hinting yes, building up an incredible sexual tension, and pushing him to see how long before he breaks.
Yeah. I know you think about it all the time. Like an obsession that’s taken root in your mind. And today, you're going to finally cross that line. So be a good boy, and follow my instructions carefully... we're going to have some fun together.