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Lilithunleashed Audio Sex Stories 134

Hello, my slutty Sweeteas! Ever wished you could just relinquish control of your orgasms? Ever just wanted to let that control slip from your fingers? If the answer is yes, and if you like edging, this is the file for you! I take away your ability to cum in any way other than hands-free. I condition you to crave edging and playing with your nipples. I trick your mind into believing that you don’t actually want to do anything but edge as you learn how to orgasm only hands-free. There is a release file, but it’s not an easy out. You will really want it to work. You will really have to control yourself to get through it. But will you really want it? Guess we’ll see. I’ve called it “Lilith’s Curse” because the suggestions here are worded in a very permanent manner and even with the release file, I can’t guarantee how your mind will respond. In any case, it’s fun! Really, really fun! Really, really hot! I can guarantee that you’ll come out all horny and desperate, wanting more. Always more… If you’d like more spoilers, you can read the script. https://scriptbin.works/u/LilithUnleashed/f4am-lilith-s-curse-erotic-hypnosis-conditioning (This was a commissioned file which I’ve been allowed to share with you all! It’s really, really, really hot and fucks with your mind big time.) Have fun! Miss Lilith
My most ambitious session yet, wherein you are taken deep underwater and deep into trance. There, you find me in all my glory, eager to take you in every way-body and all. I break your mind and fuck you silly with my cock as you follow and obey. Because down there, under the waters, the only one with power is me. I take your mind and introduce it to new levels of pleasure. I take your body and bring it to its very limits, saturating you with my voice and filling you with my cock and my words. There is no escape. You will melt before the sound of my voice and my commands. This outcome is inevitable. There is no gender mention in this file, but the listener must have a cock to enjoy this to its fullest. Aside from being a very descriptive fantasy scenario, this is also a very deep hypnosis session with a long induction and all the conditioning and triggers you so desire. You will be a somewhat changed person after you listen…but only for the better, of course. Miss Lilith
Hello, my precious little Sweeteas! It’s that time again for another HFO. This one’s centered around the metronome. *My* metronome. It’s quite special, because with each sound it makes, you fall deeper and feel better as you approach orgasm. And not just one, but many! Again and again. This session does a few things. For one, it conditions you to the sound of my metronome and allows you to feel limitless pleasure as you listen to it. And two, it installs an HFO trigger. This is a pure conditioning file, which means that the more you listen to it, the more effective it becomes. If it doesn’t work the first time, try and try again. Whether it happens the first time around or not, you’ll still have fabulous amounts of fun! If you’d like spoilers, you can read the
Hello, Sweeteas! This is a deep, intricate experience with a full workup of sound effects. It has appropriately placed music, binaurals, environmental sounds, and voice sound effects. Just all the best stuff for a truly immersive experience which you can lose yourself in easily and with exceptional pleasure. The core of the file centres around being my submissive plaything as I use you for my pleasure. After I drop you deep with my special blends of tea and take you down into my dungeon, I use you to pleasure myself in any way I like. In exchange, I give you a pleasure/HFO trigger and make you love giving yourself over to me. If you’d like more spoilers, you can read the script here: https://textbin.net/0syhft1obo If you would like to hear more of my files, you can find them on my website: https://www.lilithunleashed.com/ Miss Lilith
https://www.reddit.com/user/LilithUnleashed This one’s a true mind-bending experience which pulls you really deep into trance, installs a few interesting triggers, and conditions you to my voice and my type of hypnosis. I lull you into a calm sleep, a relaxed state, and do with your open mind as I wish. I grace you with my bite, which introduces you to my addicting, all-consuming, pleasure-driven venom. You’ll leave this session changed. You’ll leave this session happy, spent, and wanting more. At its core, what you experience here will increase your need to be submissive, to obey, and to leave yourself open to my commands. It all ends in an orgasm and your brain turned into mush. I promise you’ll enjoy it, sweetie. It’s great fun. The induction is long and very beginner friendly, so if you’re having trouble going deep, this may be of help. If you’re already an experienced subject, you’ll be sure to lose yourself along the way to the very, very bottom. This is the beginning of a series. The follow ups will range in theme, but what you learn here will be used in any future file. Now find a comfortable place to relax, like a bed or a recliner, close your eyes, and let me take you on a mind-altering journey of venomous persuasions
Hello, Sweeteas! This is perhaps my most dangerous file yet. It doesn’t quite leave you a permanent bimbo slut, but it sure comes close. Within the session itself, you’re transformed into the perfect bimbo. Both mind and body. You’re fucked in all the ways you could be fucked, conditioned, and brainwashed. You’ll be left drooling and horny, with barely a thought in that empty, stupid bimbo head. After the session, anytime you shower or touch water or play with your nipples, the need to be a bimbo will overtake your mind. Be careful! Wouldn’t want you to get stuck in a loop, now would we? Full suggestions include: Showers turn you into a bimbo. Water turns you into a bimbo. Nipple play turns you into a bimbo. Showers make you horny and desperate to cum, but all you’ll be able to do is play with your nipples. Every shower hence shall be a bimbo shower. At the end of the file, you’re left a bimbo until the world needs you to think. Have fun, bimbo! Miss Lilith
Hello, sweeteas. Today’s file is a behemoth of triggers, conditioning, pleasure, and pussy worship. You can also access the for the entirety of the content: https://scriptbin.works/u/LilithUnleashed/f4a-the-lewd-librarian-erotic-hypnosis-mind-control Spoilers: First of all, the main goal of this file is to change how well text hypnosis works for you. A large portion is dedicated to conditioning you into enjoying text hypnosis in the same way you’d enjoy audio (but it’s all actually really, really fun! I promise!). The second goal (and somewhat tied with the first) is the installation of three triggers: one for pleasure, one for trance, and one for obedience. Each one of which should work just as well with text hypnosis, so that you can enjoy little trances throughout the day if you can’t listen for whatever reason. The fantasy aspect centres around pussy worship (mine, of course), nipple sucking, and a sexy, horny, lewd librarian (me!) who takes advantage of your entranced state of mind and makes you her little bitch for just a little while. No way to resist. No way to disobey. As for whether you get to cum or not? That’s up to you. You’ll be given instruction near the end and given the choice to either touch...or not. Now….go have fun. You’ll love it. You can find more of me on my website
Hello, Sweeteas! You try to summon a succubus, but instead get *me*, and I need to breed. I need you to breed me. Heat, passion, sex, and a mind-blowing orgasm await you, prey. All you have to do is hit play. This is tagged as hypnosis, but doesn’t actually have much of an induction. It goes straight into the action almost immediately after the introduction and setup. The only post-hypnotic suggestion being that every orgasm with *me* feels better and better each time. Nothing else but pleasure. (Trigger warnings: thunderstorm, fire sounds, pricking finger with a needle, and force) If you like spoilers, you can read the script
Positively Feminine Hello, Sweeteas. This one starts you off with a nice, long induction centered around losing control and forgetting anything you don’t need to remember. Once you’re deep, floating on the waves of my voice and my words, I introduce you to a perfect version of your feminine self. Then I take that and merge it with confidence, pride, and arousal, so that the more feminine you become, the better you feel. There are three main post-hypnotic suggestions throughout the file. One allows you to forget what happens in trance, slowly erasing the memory of what’s happened, keeping the effects and strengthening them the more you forget. Another one intensifies your desire to dress up and be a good, collared girl for me. The last one is really fun: whenever you receive any sort of notification, by any means, your arousal skyrockets and your need to be a good girl grows and grows, pulling at your thoughts and your pleasure. If you like spoilers, you can read the script https://textbin.net/7hlh1brsrg There are three versions of this file: RAW: which is my voice and nothing else. Voice Only SFX: which has all sorts of panning, 3D audio effects, ASMR-like effects, echoes, and more. Full SFX: which has all of the above, but with added environmental sound effects for a fully immersive experience and binaural beats where appropriate. Miss Lilith
Cumslut Fucktoy 2 Hello, Sweeteas! This one’s special. It’s very, very dirty. Very, very hot. It’s a followup to the first Cumslut Fucktoy file, but can easily be listened to on its own. They share similar themes, but this one is a lot more intense. Unlike most of my other files, before listening to this one, you’ll need a few things, so read through this carefully. There are two main files available here, one meant to be listened to mostly out loud, with a pair of speakers or your phone. The other is more traditional, meant for headphones. For both, you’ll need a dildo and lube on hand. The first version is for out-loud use, which starts with a regular induction (same as with the first file) which drops you into trance. After that, you’re told to remove your headphones and put the audio on speaker. Out loud. The longer you listen, the louder the audio will become. The louder my moans. The louder your moans. Along with this…you’ll be edging and fucking yourself and eating your own cum. Among…other things. All fun things. I promise! This is how it was meant to be used originally. All out loud and bringing with it the possibility that others will hear. The second version is for headphones only, which means you’ll probably need some sort of wireless earbuds or headphones to follow along with the directions. You won’t be removing your headphones with this version, but you’ll be doing all the other things. Both versions are interactive. You’ll have to kneel and fuck yourself. You’ll have to chant and edge and eat your own cum. You may get to cum. You may not. Who knows. All I know is that you’ll submit and have fun doing it. Lot and lots of fun. Some other things to know: no pronouns are used in this recording, but I do mention cock, so that’s something you should probably have. There is also mention of wanting to eat not just your own cum, but that of others’ too. In the same vein, there is mention of wanting to be fucked not just by a dildo, but also cock. This is a commissioned file which I’m very happy to say has been allowed to be shared with you all! It’s just too hot not to be. If you’d like more spoilers, you can read the script https://textbin.net/hnpnvzer4y Miss Lilith
Hello, Sweeteas! This is an interesting one. It links the beat of my heartbeat to the beat of your arousal, so that the longer you listen the better you feel. The more you want to cum. The more the pressure builds. Until, eventually, I tell you to cum and you do. It has a mid-length submission-based induction and enough snaps to satisfy most “snap-enthusiasts.” Post-hypnotic suggestions include: desire to listen again for a better HFO, desire to submit more fully, and the coupling of submission and arousal, so that the two are one and the same. Be aware this file has no wakener at the end, so you will need bring yourself up from trance when you are ready. If you like spoilers, here is a script you can read https://textbin.net/uzjkhor5lj Good luck, have fun! Miss Lilith
Hello, Sweeteas! Today’s file is a mix between temporary triggers and permanent ones. First, I take you deeeep down with a relatively longish visualization induction. Then I install a trigger which allows you to experience submitting as a woman. You can trigger yourself or have another do it for you. In either case, you only stay in this mindset until being told to return or wanting to yourself. The second part if focused solely on needing to eat cum. Wanting to eat your own and everybody else’s whether you’re aroused or not. I’ll be taking any hesitation you have over this and vanishing it. You’ll love this. I promise! This is mostly a pure conditioning session, with no active, erotic fantasy elements. You can read the full script here: https://textbin.net/hfxuultfmm (This is a commissioned file, which I’ve been allowed to share with you all!) If you would like to see more of my files you can visit my website: https://www.lilithunleashed.com/ Miss Lilith
Hello, Sweeteas! Today’s file is a fun one! It starts with a relatively speedy dial induction to bring you down deep and spindle your arousal into feverish levels. This sets an interesting induction process for future hypno files, but isn’t the main attraction. No, the real fun begins when I condition you to enjoy your orgasm in a whole different way. After you listen, you’ll never experience it quite the same way again. It’ll always feel better, stronger, and last longer. It’ll reach down to your very toes and leave you feeling that bliss for longer and longer. You won’t just cum and call it a day. Oh, no! With this, the pleasure will just keep going and going, better and better. It’s mind-altering! If you want to read the script beforehand you can find it here https://textbin.net/65uiqmq1xy