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Loving_pleasure Audio Sex Stories 100

Are you sure you want to do this ? I want to make sure this first time remains a good memory.
Hmmmm... slowly... -kiss- I'm waking up... Hmmm... Stop teasing me like that... -kiss- Okay... Now you're in for a ride !
It has been so long since you last did this... And tonight, I need your help... I need you to break me... Please ? Okay... I'm Begging you to break me...
Tonight... Will you be an obedient girl ? Will you do everything I tell you ?
We met in a bar... I promised you a back rub at my place... You accepted... You knew exactly where it was going...
Script fill from a script of Belle_of_the_woods. My apologies butchering the script with my accent. It was way more difficult that I thought, and had to do a lot of retake. Hope you do enjoy it though, nevertheless...
I love watching Porn with you. Well, did you wonder what I found so sexy about that particular video? Why I might have chosen *that* one for you to watch? It wasn’t because of the blowjob in it. No, it wasn’t even because she was super pretty. You’re prettier. It was because… I think it’s so sexy when he gives it to her in the ass.
My hands are strong. Masculine. You notice my hands when they flex.
*Note before you push on play. This audio is best listened after you have edged as long as you can. Only when you feel you can't resist it anymore, press play, and enjoy* We love this game... I made you edge, all night... And you ! You didn't wanted to say the words... The words that will lead you to ecstasy... How long can you resist ?
It's Valentine's Day, and you want to make it special. But when she comes home with an armful of flowers from other people...
Yet another unwanted sacrifice is abandoned at the mouth of your cave. You do not know what, but there is something about this human. Something...different.
My dear, I'm so happy to know that you chose to come to my city for your vacation. What do you say we meet ? At around 8pm, on the café on the Grand-Place. Take a rose with you... I can't wait to see you for real...
WARNING AND DISCLAIMER : For those used to my audios, this is OUT OF THE BOX for me ! Not sweet, not caring, just play MDom, Name Calling, Slapping, Choking... Please don't listen to this if you are in need of something sweet and caring...
You are touching yourself, naked, legs spread... I am the Monster Under your Bed... No ! Continue... Don't open your eyes...