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Lushinlace Audio Sex Stories 256

Another episode in the Swim Coach series is here. The team regrets that coach missed out on the traditional celebration activities after winning Nationals, so they make sure she gets them good. The 12 Days of MILFmas is cumming in December exclusively to on
When your busty MILF maid accidentally breaks your fleshlight, the least she can do is fill-in as a replacement. But she doesn't realize how much your cock loves to play with it's toy! You deserve more naughtiness in your ears visit-
This time I need my ass stretched out for my big-dicked boyfriend. There's just one problem - my friend Mike isn't single anymore. What will Mike's girlfriend think of him wrecking my ass? You'll have to listen to find out...
In this sexy script by u/ElbyLithiumBomb ... I need your opinion on my new booty shorts. Does my ass look fat? Does it look spankable? Fuckable? Well don't just sit there, prove it!
You eagerly volunteer for a month-long breeding voyage with me and my sorority sisters, but you really should have read the fine print first because you won't be the one doing the breeding. Find 100’s more
I loved the --MILF with big tits an big booty - theme of this hot script by u/throawaydark1984 Scenario: Your boss invites you over to his house to talk about the business, however he forgets that it's his anniversary with his beautiful wife. She decides to give hubby an anniversary gift by making him watch her seduce you.
I haven't done a cuckold script in a while and really enjoyed this creative humiliation script by /u/yourexsbutthole. Your sexy girlfriend meets a muscular man at the gym who offers to "help" with her workout. You become more and more jealous and humiliated as she compares the two of you.
Collab with Jaye Wilde You're in a loving relationship with your girlfriend and it's everything you wanted... but with a big cock like yours it's hard for your girl to handle it by herself, so she enlists the help of her best friend as a treat for her special guy. Thanks to /u/livejoker for creating such a fun script And thanks to the amazing /u/kilbeggan for editing this audio for us.
This fun script by u/HoneybearGWA is about an older woman who gets a job as a secretary but struggles with the new technology needed in her role. To prove she can be useful, she shows her boss, some old fashioned skills that are rare to find in today's modern office.
After my car breaks down, a friend offers me her brother’s room for the night. Luckily, he’s out of town so it shouldn’t be a problem, right?
You wanted two busty lactating MILFs? Well you got 'em, ... for Thanksgiving no less. Now drink up!!! Don't forget the 12 Days of MILFmas are cumming soon, EXCULSIVELY to
I need my pussy stretched out for my new boyfriend and you have just the cock for the job!
Before your ex-girlfriend goes out on a date with a new guy, you want to remind her how much she's going to miss getting throat-fucked by your big cock. You deserve more naughtiness in your life visit-
A confident Futa finds an innocent man to play with at an orgy and the connection to him is more than she bargained for. Enjoy a free Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) audio at:
A chance wild sexual encounter with your friend's mom. All characters depicted in this fictional recording are above the age of majority / consent (18). This fantasy recording was created by adults for adult enjoyment only.
Script by u/funnytraybake You, the listener, can choose between 3 audios (A,B or C). THIS IS AUDIO A In each audio, you will be given multiple chances to cum, some more than others. If you choose to cum at any time, you must immediately turn off the audio and will miss out on hearing the rest of it --- if there is a rest of it. These audios can end at ANY TIME. So, it's a gamble... cum early and miss out on more edging... or wait and possibly be denied. The choice is yours. Don't say I didn't warn you!