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Madamemarie_ Audio Sex Stories 23

Here you go, pathetic wanker. This is what you want. It lasts over ten minutes so try to control your disgusting little prick.
She sees your tiny button for the first time and tries to be nice about it, but soon becomes more cruel...
I speak directly to you about what a pathetic porn addict you are. You need to have your PC close by and start fully dressed. After all, you want to follow my instructions don't you, pathetic porn addict?
This is the start of their relationship. Once she agrees to control him remotely, she gives him his first task. Satin panties are involved.
A sub services his Mistress' feet as she reclines in the hot tub. He massages her, earning his reward of sucking her toes and other delectable treats...
Our intrepid hero completes 7 days without Madame, going on two dates as requested. What happens when 7 days are up?
In which our intrepid hero does his second task with the vibrating butt plug, working towards release from his chastity device.
Episode 7 about distance control by Madame. We join the story where he has to report back to Her on how the first few days wearing his new chastity device went.
In which our intrepid hero faces the rest of his tasks to get to his chastity device key in the last of the Russian dolls. The final tasks is a true test... can he pass?